Crushed by yumimum

11/15/2009 07:32 am
Chapter 4         
very well done. fun read, thank you.
 Thankyou  for taking the time to review. It was much appreciated.

11/07/2009 03:02 pm
Chapter 4         
Very hot!
Glad you liked it! x 

11/03/2009 08:08 pm
Chapter 4         
 Hehe :D i loved! great job!!
 Thanks for reviewing, Glad you liked it :D   x

11/15/2009 07:17 am
Chapter 3         
"Oh God, this girl’s going to kill me. Death by shagging...What a way to go!'" delightful read, thank you.
 LOL. Thanks again.

11/15/2009 07:05 am
Chapter 2         
very good read, thank you. several lines produced wide smiles:  Not soddin’ likely. " Her vampire. "Gee, way to prioritise, Buffy! Need some, much?" “Fetch a pen, luv. "  loved the read, thank you again.
Glad I  made you smile. It's all about the fluff ;)

Buffy Convert
11/04/2009 05:26 pm
Chapter 2         
Oh, this went much better than I thout it would! I was afraid Buffy was going to be all "Well, keep out of my way so I can do my job". This is good, Buffy realizing that it's just wrong to be prejudiced, to pretend not to care because of what others might think...
 Thanks, I always hated the way she treated Spike. She just needed a serious wake up call! x

10/28/2009 06:09 am
Chapter 2         
 I find myself saying this alot with fanfiction but i really wish things had turned out this way and skipped the hurtful relationship of season6 (don't get me wrong big fan of all the naked spike lol :) but i love the honesty and fluffiness your story has! More please?
 Totally agree. Why couldn't there have been fluffy naked Spike?! It's not like anyone would have complained!
gGlad you're enjoying it. x

11/15/2009 06:45 am
Chapter 1         
great read and an unexpected ending to the chapter. very well done , thank you.
 Thanks. Really pleased you liked the start :)

11/07/2009 02:39 pm
Chapter 1         
The raw emotions were very well written. Great start!
 Thankyou very much. x

Buffy Convert
11/04/2009 04:53 pm
Chapter 1         
Oh-oh! I think some brooding is on the way.  Now Spike has actually done something to hurt her, albeit accidentally. Poor kids!
 LOL. She does love a good brood doesn't she? Thanks for taking the time to review. x

10/26/2009 04:17 am
Chapter 1         
Glad this is a TBC! All I can think is that I want MOREMOREMORE!!! Great work!
 LOL. Glad you like it, more coming soon. x

10/26/2009 03:20 am
Chapter 1         

she got hurt because of him?! OH NO!
wow i really, really enjoyed your first chapter. it was a very strong start. i always feel like bursting into tears when buffy revokes his invite and poor spike just stands at the door looking gorgeously devastated. 

i cant wait for your next update, i'm sure it'll be fantastic :) well done yumimum!

 Thankyou very much. This fic is complete so I'm hoping to post a chapter a day.
I know how you feel about that scene. Alway's want to give Buffy a good slap...I mean, she DOES have eyes right?!  x