Dreams and Desotos by bloodshedbaby
Chapter: 3-5

02/17/2013 05:13 pm
  Dun dun dun, I am LOVING this.

  I do believe I have read this before, It was most likely during a late night so that your story is slightly familiar. Anyway, reading on.

03/01/2008 04:22 am
OH that is good, I wonder what they will say to that.

01/20/2007 04:18 am
was rereading to get to the current( ok, was rereading because i enjoy what you do with the words.) this section was so much fun. so many positive things in buffy/spike realation, the acceptence by the town, rick and elaine. thanks for the great read. the last line is beautiful
haha, i had to reread the whole thing myself because I couldn't remember what I'd written, LOL! I had a lot of fun with those characters, I have to say and I am so glad you enjoyed them!

07/06/2006 06:33 am
I really loved this chapter...Elaine is great!