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Cravings by tamibrandt
Love in the Cemetary
SUMMARY: This is a stand alone scene based on the door scene where Buffy and Spike are on opposite sides of it, but feel the presence of each other. As always, this is my view of what happened that night.


Beta'd by Aribelle, Confused Muse


Buffy walked slowly along the stones in the graveyard. Another night of patrol. It seemed like a slow night for the demons tonight. Still she continued.

In Spike's crypt, Spike stood at a sarcophagus with his shirt unbuttoned, smoking a cigarette and poured a glass of blood. He took a pinch of herb from a jar and sprinkled it in the blood. He picked up the glass, swishing it around a bit mixing the herb with the blood.

Just then Spike sensed something. He heard its heartbeat. The closer it approached, the faster the heartbeat became. He looked toward the door and smiled. Well, well she comes for a bit of cold comfort, Spike thought.

Outside the crypt, Buffy walked closer to the door. In her patrol, she had unconsciously made her way to Spike's crypt. Why was she even here? Why did she always come to Spike? Because he knows you. Because he knows your inner most fears and accepts you for who and what you are, her inner voice answered.

Inside the crypt, Spike walked over to the door, and put his hands on it, pressing his body against the hard surface. Buffy. She was here. His body came alive with the thought of her, and what she can do to him. He thought of how she felt, what she tasted like, how she sounded in a state of pleasure.

Outside the crypt, Buffy stood right up next to the door, lifting her gloved hand to it. Her blood, her body screamed out for Spike. The thought of him, what he could do with her body, how he made her feel caused her panties to moisten from arousal.

Inside the crypt, Spike ran his hand up the door as if caressing it. He could feel her on the other side of the door. He stroked the door as if his could feel her flesh under his fingertips. He could smell her arousal through the cracks in the door.

Outside the crypt, Buffy touched the door with her gloved hand in the same spot as Spike's. It was like she could sense exactly where he was on the other side of the door. She moved her hand over the door as if she could feel his cool flesh under her touch. The longer she was there, the more her panties got wetter from arousal.

Inside the crypt, Spike was still pressed up against the door, eyes closed, breathing faster with excitement. He could smell her growing arousal. It was intoxicating. It filled his senses and enveloped him. He opened the door and walked out into the night.

There was no sign of Buffy. Spike frowned and looked around. He could still smell her scent, and on top of that her arousal. He frowned and sighed.

Buffy walked away from Spike's crypt as fast as she could. "Don't think about the evil bloodsucking fiend. Focus on anything but the evil bloodsucking fiend." She whispered to herself. Before she knew it, Spike had caught up with her. He twirled her around to face him.

"Spike! What are you doing?" Buffy asked, annoyed.

"Hello, Vampire, remember? I can feel you. I can smell you. Thank whatever evil that I am the only one in tune with you, Slayer. Your scent is intoxicating." Spike advanced on her with each word, until he was a breath away from her, whispering the last sentence.

The sound of his voice made her shudder in pleasure. It washed over her like a cool breeze and set her insides to jelly. Her panties got wetter. Her skin tingled.

Spike could smell her growing arousal as it permeated the air. He skimmed his fingers over her sweater-clad breasts, down her stomach. "You know you want me, Slayer. I can smell it. I can sense it in the way your body is reacting to my touch," he whispered against her ear.

He walked her backwards until her back pressed against a tree. He peeled her coat off her shoulders. His touch against her hips burned into her flesh. Spike slid his hands up her sides, taking the sweater up with them. "Say it, Slayer. Tell me you want me. That you want nothing more than the cold comfort my body gives you. That I make you respond, make you feel alive. That I make you feel more than Angel or Captain Cardboard ever could." Spike said, as he pulled her sweater over her head.

His words hit too close to home. He revealed more than she ever wanted to admit. She slapped him, hard. He gave her a hard look. His hands gripped her hips and ground his crotch against her. She delved her fingers into his bleached hair and kissed him hard. He returned it, passionately. He thrust his tongue into her mouth to explore the soft flesh inside.

He broke the kiss. "Buffy, I want you. I love --"

Buffy kissed him again, not wanting to hear his declaration. Her body was on fire for him. She needed him inside her. Her pussy throbbed with wanting to feel him move deeply inside.

Spike ripped her pants open, pushing them down past her hips. She kicked them off. He licked her palette, her tongue, plundered her mouth. She unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped them. She pushed his jeans down over his hips. His duster flared out around them, giving them a bit of privacy.

Spike picked her up in his arms, holding her against the tree. She wrapped her thighs around his waist. He rubbed the head of his cock along her dripping cleft. "Bloody hell, Buffy, you're so wet for me," Spike groaned against her mouth.

He pulled back to watch her reaction as he plunged his cock deep inside her hot, wet, tight sheath. He heard her breath catch and then a moan as he impaled her on his shaft. He watched her as he started to rhythmically pump himself inside her pliant body.

Buffy clutched his shoulders, arching against his cool body. She rocked her hips against his thrusting cock. Her muscles squeezed him repeatedly as he thrust deeper and harder into her.

"Spike! Oh, god, take me. More. I need you deeper." Buffy cried out her moans.

Spike licked down her throat, sucking gently at the pulse point. His thrusts pounded her into the tree bark. He growled into her throat as he felt her muscles clamp around him.

Buffy tightened herself around Spike. She needed him. Her pussy throbbed more with each hard, deep thrust he gave her. "Please Spike! Fuck me. I need to cum. PLEASE SPIKE! Claim me." She cried out for him to end her torment.

Hearing her surrender, Spike slammed against her harder, deeper. He vamped at her escalating passion. His passion at the thought of what he made her feel with him, what he brought out of her made his demon come out and sink into her flesh, drinking her essence as he thrust his cock into her until she came, squeezing his shaft in exquisite torment. Feeling her come sent him over the edge, shooting his dead seed inside her.

They fell to the ground exhausted in a heap. They were catching their breath when they heard a female scream. They rushed to get their clothes on and ran after the sound.