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I write original stories in in the fantasy, sci-fi and supernatural genres and post those under a different name.

My muse went crazy and now I'm going to try my hand at FanFic as a distraction from my other stories.

I have a weakness for the bad boy underdog types. No apologies. Prince Charming never did it for me. Never will. My idea of heaven is Jensen Ackles & Vin Diesel naked in my bed.

As far as the Buffyverse goes I'm a pure Spuffster (obviously). I have a thing for a strong Spike and you won't see many fics on my page where he just lies down like a kicked pup.

I also consider swearing/cursing/cussing/wateva - to be integral part of human communication if not the pinacle of separation between the species. In other words: Coarse language will be in ... just about everything. Deal.

Final word on this profile is: HATE ME! Bag me, tag me; beat me with a water pipe. Abuse me. If my writing has issues, I need to know. It's my ultimate goal to get my original stories published, so please show no mercy in tearing apart my writing. Honesty for the benefit of mankind.

Love, Ash