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The Bloodshedverse LiveJournal Community


Riters_R_Us LiveJournal Community
This community is intended as a resource for fan fic writers, betas and anyone else interested in improving their writing.
Seeking_Spike LiveJournal Community
This community was created as an aid to those in search of fanfiction, essays, graphics, artwork, and screencaps (or anything else you can think of) having to do with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series.
Banner_Grab LiveJournal Community
This is a BtVS/Ats centered banner-making community.
BtVS_Recs LiveJournal Community
This is a community made for recs in the Buffy and Angel fandoms, but we're not just talking about fiction - oh, no! We're covering EVERYTHING! Yes, EVERYTYHING! Fan vids, character recs, het fiction, slash fiction, gen fiction, fan manips, websites - as long as it's related to Joss' Buffyverse, anything goes!
SpuffFicRecs LiveJournal Community
This is a community dedicated to two things: the relationship between Spike and Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and your recommendations for fanfic about the said relationship.
BtVS_Award_Info LiveJournal Community
BTVS Awards Central is a community that has been created so that people can stay aprised of nomination openings and closings and the current status of Buffy based awards sites. The website currently comprises 18 current websites, and a listing of sites on hiatus.
Stop_Plagiarism LiveJournal Community
Investigation into and Condemnation of Plagiarists

Please make sure you read the rules for each community before you post there.
The descriptive texts about the communities are taken from their user-info pages.


The free online encyclopedia.
The Oxford dictionary.
Dictionary of Slang
A dictionary for British Slang.
An online spellchecker.
An online dictionary that covers American, Australian, British, Canadian and Asian English spellings and words. It also has some nifty thesaurus like features. An offline version exists as well. (I didn't try it myself yet, but Deedo mentioned that it is very helpful. ~ Diabola)
Transcripts and more for all BtVS and AtS episodes.
BtVS/AtS trivia guide
All those littel tibits you never knew, and maybe never wanted to know.
Timezones, daylight-savings time, whatever you need to know about time - anywhere on the world.
Currency Converter
Money, money, money. What's it worth elsewere?
Convert Distances
How many meters are in a mile? How many liter in a gallon?
Sun and Moon Data
(Click Data Services) Sunrise and sunset at any given time. Moonphases and eclipses, ....
Punctuation Tips
A collection of tips for the correct use of punctuation. Put together by Bloodshedbaby.


A complete Office Software. OpenSource and Free.
A RSS Reader. (I didn't test this one, but the one I'm using doesn't seem to be availible any longer. If anyone ends up trying this reader and notices any problems with it - please let me know so I can take down the link. ~ Diabola)
A free PDF writer. (I'm not making any guarantees about this one. Am using the original, sadly very expensive, PDF-software by Adobe. If anyone has experiences with this or any other free pfd-writer and can make a recommendation, I'd appreciate it. ~ Diabola)

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