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Dennis speaks - official challenge

Sep 13 2009 03:34 pm   #1Diabola

Most of you have probably already noticed that our site-ghost, Dennis, has learned to speak; if not, hit the play button beneath his image to check it out.

Since his main purpose is to announce various holidays, of course we'd like him to use his new ability for that as well.

For that reason, we've come up with a fun little contest. you can design audio-clips for our ghostly friend.

You can find a list of all the holidays Dennis knows here, the list also contains links to Wikipedia articles concerning each holiday in case you want to read up on it - or you can do your own research.

What we'd like are greetings for each holiday - traditional or at least appropriate phrasing preferred (i.e. it's Happy or Merry Christmas, but I don't think Happy Remembrance Day is how most people would put it).

We'd also love to have clips to warn about an upcoming holiday. Dennis dresses up three days beforehand, so that should get its own soundtrack. Something along the lines of "In less than three days ...".

I guess since it is Dennis, male voices would be best, but we're not gonna be picky about that. The clips should be short, preferably no more than 30 seconds, maybe a minute tops. MP3 would be best, though WAVs are ok, we can always convert them ourselves. Make sure the finished clip doesn't violate any copyright laws, read up on them if you're not sure, I don't want to get anyone into trouble over this.

Upload your finished files to, password is: bsv
Please use the appropriate folder and make sure the filename gives your name. It should also tell us whether the clip is meant for the announcement phase or the actual holiday. It might be a good idea to make a post here when you've uploaded the clip, again giving your name, the name of the file you uploaded, and some way to contact you if you're not a BSV member.

I don't think we need any other rules, just see what you can come up with, plain speech, traditional or even cliché background noises, singing, screaming, funny, spooky, serious - get wild.

Oh, right, it's a contest, so of course you can win something.

First, the winning clips will be used on the site, and the creator will of course be mentioned in the Dennis part of the FAQ. In addition, our very talented Always_jbj has agreed to make some nice plaques for you.

"The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits." - Albert Einstein