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Adding a signature to reviews... HOW in 2nd post

Jul 06 2015 03:01 pm   #1DeepBlueJoy
Is there a way to add a signature to the end of my reviews? 

I like to leave a link to my stories in anything I write.  When I leave it as a pure link, it just looks like i'm leaving random spam.  when I attempt to set it up to refer to a description such as 'deepbluejoy's' stories' it doesn't seem to work properly, though it works other places.  I think my sig is actually attached to my forum posts (can't remember how I formatted it, sorry)

Will try to do what I want to do here and see what happens.

Apparently, it sort of works in forum, but something about the way the reviews work is different.  I'm not an expert at html or anything else for web page design, unfortunately, I mostly do trial and error.

DeepBlueJoy's stories
DeepBlueJoy's stories