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Internet Dating..

Feb 27 2007 06:26 am   #1Spikes Slayer2

hmm.. well i think this is pretty off topic.. shoot me if im not supposed to put this in here.. :P


Ive been talking to this guy on the internet for a few months, we've exchanged photos and mobile numbers and things are going great. We seem to have clicked (no pun intended :P ) and im meeting him at the end of the month.. Unfortunately we dont live in the same place, in fact we live about 12hours drive away from each other.. He wants to give the whole long distance thing a try and so do i but he told me today he wasnt sure about it because he doesnt want to see me get hurt. What is he thinking? Im so lost.. torn between these feelings i have for him and the not having a relationship because of distance thing...

I need your advice guys... and girls... Tell me what i should do..



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