The Thong by Athenewolfe

05/27/2015 07:28 pm
The Thong         

05/06/2010 07:32 am
The Thong         
this fic is like coffee. something simple to make you day better <3

07/25/2009 07:19 am
The Thong         
aww i would at least liked to have seen angel's reaction to their news. nevertheless, great work.

02/10/2009 06:26 pm
The Thong         
actually, if we assume Spike and Buffy were listening to his favorites (Sex Pistols) there WAS rock and roll! ; ) loved it, short and sweet!

02/22/2008 04:48 am
The Thong         

hahaha some funny little Angel bashing.

Tripping, his last thought was to wonder f the panties would fit him...

HA! *giggles insanely*

11/22/2006 07:20 am
The Thong         
I can't believe I never reviewed this. I still love it!
Thank you for reviewing The Thong - it was one of the first small peices I wrote

08/19/2006 06:02 pm
The Thong         
That was hilarious! you're a riot! Thanks.
*grin* why thank you!

That was hilarious! you're a riot! Thanks.

06/08/2006 12:56 am
The Thong that end for angel...wonderful angel-bash here
*grin* thank you - I do love my angel bashing !

05/10/2006 01:05 am
The Thong         
Loved it, especially the title
Thank you I am glad that you liked the Thong!

02/15/2006 03:12 am
The Thong         
LMAO, a continuation perchance
lol will think about it!

02/09/2006 06:08 pm
The Thong         
*giggling madly* Oh God... that's hilarious... excellent work, m'dear!
thank you! heheh what can i say... it was fun!

01/03/2006 10:08 am
The Thong         
LMAO, I still love this fic
I love this one to ... sigh ... perhaps I could do another drabble after this chapter *grin*

10/31/2005 05:11 am
The Thong         
hehehe, i love this ficlet
Thanks You - he he I loved writing it ... it was fun to Angel bash!

09/24/2005 12:46 am
The Thong         
Teeheehee!! Clueless Angelus can't even tell from the fragrance of the thong who it belongs to and who took if off. Good giggles.
LOL Like Angel has ever experienced true passion. Grumble. He he - i can't wait for my next challenge from Wulfie

09/23/2005 08:09 pm
The Thong         
wow, sorry, but that was really bad.
Well it was a Wulfie challenge for a drabble. What can you expect?

09/23/2005 10:01 am
The Thong         
OMG! What a scream! I'm still giggling my ass off. Thank you, sweets!
Thanks... LOL - Blame Wulfie

09/23/2005 04:39 am
The Thong         
Love it!!! LOL!
All Wulfie's fault

09/22/2005 08:41 pm
The Thong         
LOL, that was fun!
Blame Wulfie

09/22/2005 02:42 am
The Thong         
Wulfie's challenge was to write a ficlit where Angel trips, falls on a stake and kills himself. Okay so it's a tree branch but hey you got Spuffy and Angel dust. - Yep sex, drugs and oops I forgot the rock and roll. Well you know Spike had the Ramones playing in the desoto soooo Rock and Roll
He he - all your fault. Where is my next challenge?