Whispers by Abby

09/08/2011 02:23 pm
Tellin' All the World (Epilogue)         
What a place to end it!  Sigh.  I really wanted to see them grow into their relationship...  Oh, well, it was still very touching.


Well, way back when this was my only fic, I had sequel plans, but I'm afraid they've fallen into the hellmouth and I'm doubtful they will return.  Thank you, though, for reading and commenting, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Sweet. Thanks :-)
04/25/2010 02:23 am
Tellin' All the World (Epilogue)         
Thank you

10/10/2009 05:57 pm
Tellin' All the World (Epilogue)         
This was absolutely fantastic.  I loved the long, winding trip through Buffy's mind.  The passion and intense emotion between Buffy and Spike was great.  If only the show would have gone this way.
Yes, it really is unfortunate that us fic writers weren't writing for the show.  Imagine the things we could've done!

Thank you so much, I'm glad that you liked it!

09/06/2009 09:09 pm
Tellin' All the World (Epilogue)         

That was so gorgeous! Intensely romantic and sexy, without being too “in your face”. It also had a stark sense of believability, in which can be a bit hard for earlier Spuffy fics, and really makes you wish "if only"

Loved it! A sequel perhaps? xx

Thank you so much!

I'm glad it was believable and still had that punch of intensity.  If only indeed!  I wish something like this had really happened.

I did and sort of still do have a couple of sequels planned, but they've been pushed to the background in favour of some more urgent (and biting) plot bunnies.  I won't say never, though!

spuffy chick
08/03/2009 02:22 am
Tellin' All the World (Epilogue)         
i enjoyed reading this fic... are you gonna write a sequel? 
I have one planned, but it's since taken a back seat to some other projects.  I won't say never!  Thank you, I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

06/10/2009 06:29 am
Tellin' All the World (Epilogue)         
Don't think I left a review for this story. I love your work and I would be very happy if you'd write really long stories. I would always read them if you emailed me they were available  to read.

Thank you so much for this wonderful tale.

Love from 6frog   jrm@mulberry.myzen.co.uk
Well, thank you!  I have a couple of loooong stories that I'm working on, but in an attempt to ensure that I actually finish them, I'm forcing myself to have a very large chunk of them completed before I post anything online.  So some longer stories are coming - I hope they are worth the wait.

I'm glad that you enjoyed Whispers.  I'm not sure if I can always remember to email you about story updates, but when I post something it'll always be available here, on my LJ, and other Spuffy sites.

05/18/2009 08:34 pm
Tellin' All the World (Epilogue)         
I don't think I've ever phrased a review quite this way before, but that story was beautiful.
Thank you so much!  I'm very glad that you enjoyed it.

05/16/2009 12:03 am
Tellin' All the World (Epilogue)         
This was achingly beautiful, insightful, and sensitive.

The voices of your Buffy and Spike were pitch perfect and it was marvelously well written. (You know with the words and what all.)

If you felt so inclined... I'd love to follow them on their journey to becoming their true selves.

Thank you.
Thank you so much!  I have plans to continue in this 'verse, eventually.  You are very welcome, thank *you* for reading.

04/01/2009 02:32 pm
Tellin' All the World (Epilogue)         
Wonderful story and so well done.  You have a gift for writing and it is good to know that there will be a sequel.
Very glad that you liked, and yes, I'm working on the sequel (though it's being ridiculously slow to start!)  Thank you for your review!

03/21/2009 05:58 am
Tellin' All the World (Epilogue)         
This is an extremely well crafted story.  It takes a slow, measured pace  - over a short period of time - to bring Buffy to make her big huge mental shift.  It's the details  you provide in her thoughts and the dialogue.  More details in the actual physical movement of the characters (which helps the reader actually become a "viewer" as I felt I was actually watching rather than reading it) - that moves the increased intimacy of  not just Buffy and Spike - but the other characters that match the  pace of the dialogue and story (though they sound like they would naturally fit together, rarely accomplished).  Teeny little steps to make Buffy take her big jump, makes it all very true and natural.  Well done.   Deft character evolution.   REAL and TRUE Romance.   REAL TALENT.....Thank you. ( Please forgive incoherence as I have been working mandatory overtime for 9 months.)shellyon@hotmail.com
Thank you very much!  Your review is such a nice thing for an author to see and difficult to respond to, other than to say I'm so glad that you enjoyed it and that I was able to make it real for you.  Thanks again, and don't worry about coherency (you were quite coherent, lol), it's overrated

03/12/2009 10:46 pm
Tellin' All the World (Epilogue)         
very good read, thank you. love the note  on which  you let this stop.
It was an after thought, and I'm so glad I decided to go with it.  Thank you so much for reading and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

03/12/2009 10:30 pm
Tellin' All the World (Epilogue)         
Oh Please Please Please write us a sequel.  This was a great story and deserves to be continued.  Great Job.

I can happily announce that I'm working on it.  Two of them, actually.  Consider me flattered that you feel this deserves a sequel.  Thank you so much.

03/09/2009 10:59 pm
Tellin' All the World (Epilogue)         
What a lovely way to finish. And with so much potential for us to fantasise about. Loved every bit of this story.
Thank you   I'm very glad that you enjoyed this, but don't get too secure in your fantasy, because the tale doesn't end here, even if this particular portion of it does.  Thanks for  your reply!

03/09/2009 04:38 am
Tellin' All the World (Epilogue)         

Haha. Nice ending. I really loved this story, how with its lack of action the characters were so still but at the same time moving forward emotionally at a very fast pace. And its so nice to read a story where Buffy isn't firmly clinging to her home in Denial-Land.

Beautifully written. I would love to see how their slow approach to the relationship works out. Is there a chance of a sequel?

Thank you!  I didn't actually think about it like that . . . emotional action vs. physical action . . . but that's a good point.  Good to know that the lack of action was counterbalanced by something to keep it moving nicely.  I wanted the experience to be just so profound for Buffy that she simply couldn't deny it anymore . . . even if that ends up surprising her.

I'm planning on at least two sequels, with a possible third, longer one.  I can't say when they'll be ready, but I've started working on them.  So very glad you enjoyed and thanks for your thoughtful review.

03/08/2009 06:03 pm
Tellin' All the World (Epilogue)         
Fantastic story. I really enjoyed it. Please think about a sequel.
Thank you, glad you enjoyed.  I'm already working on the sequel

03/08/2009 03:31 pm
Tellin' All the World (Epilogue)         
Great ending.  Leave it to Giles to be all knowing.
Well, more like all-seeing . . . we'll see how much he actually knows .  Glad you enjoyed, and thanks for replying.

03/08/2009 10:17 am
Tellin' All the World (Epilogue)         
That was amazing! You seriously have an incredible way of writing... I hope we can read more from you soon *hugs*
Hey, *hugs back*!  Love virtual hugs .  So very glad you enjoyed and thank you for your reply.  I've started working on something else, not sure about the *soon* part, though.

nxm...awesome story! thanks - you write a wonderfu
03/08/2009 04:15 am
Tellin' All the World (Epilogue)         
Thank you

03/08/2009 03:45 am
Tellin' All the World (Epilogue)         
I have to have more of this fic!!!  Love this story so please consider a sequel.
Don't worry, I have sequels planned.  I can't make any promises about when, but I've already started working on it.  So glad you enjoyed this story.  Thank you for your reply.

09/02/2011 11:03 pm
You Say You Want A Revelation         
I love what you have done with this story!!  I love how you took it really slow and showed us what Buffy was thinking! I would love love love to know what happened next!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I have to say that I have enjoyed everything of yours I have read please don't stop any time soon!!!
Well, thank you so much for saying so!  Not planning on stopping writing, though real life does slow things down a bit... Glad you enjoyed this.

03/22/2009 05:14 pm
You Say You Want A Revelation         
Thanks for sharing a great story!
I'm glad you liked it.  Thanks for your reply!

03/12/2009 10:38 pm
You Say You Want A Revelation         
excellent read, thank you. should have happened this way.
Which is why we write/read fanfic.  Loved the show, but there are so many ways it could have gone better and I love that fanfiction lets us explore that.  Thank you so much for reading and for your review.

03/08/2009 09:22 pm
You Say You Want A Revelation         
Wow.  In fact, I'm polishing my spectacles rather furiously.
And channelling GIles quite appropriately, too!  Very glad you liked.  I always like hearing "wow".  Wow is good! 

03/08/2009 03:24 pm
You Say You Want A Revelation         
This is something I wish had happened in canon.  SOMETHING happened before Spike turned up driving the bus that's for sure.  This would have been a very nice secret interlude.
Oh me too!  This is why I like missing scene type stories, because it's always a possibility that they *could* have happened.

03/08/2009 12:52 am
You Say You Want A Revelation         
Holy... moly. I can't wait to read more of this - it's wonderful! Keep going!
I'm glad you liked this, and I really liked the holy moly comment.  It made me smile.  Thank you for reading.

03/12/2009 05:58 am
She Said, She Said         
wonderful read, thank you.love the way buffy is processing everything.  and lol  with joy at  "Mingled laughter."
Mingled laughter is good   Thank *you* for reading.

03/09/2009 10:30 pm
She Said, She Said         
My God, this is good. I must
My God, thank you!

03/08/2009 02:54 pm
She Said, She Said         
Wonderful!  Love the logical progression of introspective thoughts.
Thank you, and thanks for your reply.

03/07/2009 02:58 pm
She Said, She Said         
Very detailed, very intense.

Thank you for your reply.  I think you'll find the next chapter goes a bit further with the intensity.  Thank you for reading.

03/07/2009 02:42 am
She Said, She Said         

That was wonderful.

Thank you so much for reading and replying.  I'm glad you liked it.

03/07/2009 12:13 am
She Said, She Said         
Wow, that was a tour de force, sizzling yet dreamlike.  I loved it.
Thank you!  I think sizzling yet dreamlike is possibly the best description ever and that's totally what I was going for with this.  Glad you liked, thanks for reading!

04/22/2009 07:15 am
Words of Wisdom         
glad you posted at the "where do you post" thread - glad to discover a new writer -

Very much enjoyed reading the first chapter - I really like your style - hope that you will keep writing more Buffyverse and Spuffy -
Well, count me glad that I posted too!  It's nice to be discovered.  Thanks for reviewing!  I hope you enjoy the rest of Whispers.  I do hope, too, to have many stories to share.  Thanks again!

03/11/2009 01:07 am
Words of Wisdom         
a buffy who can actually process information, how refreshing. very good read, tank you.
I think the TV Buffy was capable, she just wasn't given the chance, and that's why we all love fanfiction.  Glad you liked, thanks for your reply

03/09/2009 02:46 am
Words of Wisdom         
Hey now! Don't diss Howard the Duck! That was one of my favorite movies as a kid! *grins*

Great first chapter, I'm on to read the rest.
Not me my friend, Giles .   I myself have never seen the movie, but it was included there as part of the ficathon requirements.  I'm glad you liked the first chapter, looking forward to hearing from you on the rest.

03/06/2009 07:13 pm
Words of Wisdom         
Loved this orgy of Buffy pensiveness. No land of the Nile.  What is with Gile's spatula? I read another recent tale with a missing spatula of Giles.  The mind boggles.
Thanks for your reply   I like it when Buffy uses her brain and in this case, she had a lot to be pensive about.  I added an author's note about the origins of the spatula thing.  This was written for a ficathon and the spatula part was one of three prompts to be included.