Not Your Average Superhero by Abby

07/08/2011 06:55 pm
Not Your Average Superhero         
fans self.
He, he.  Thanks!

06/26/2011 02:42 pm
Not Your Average Superhero         
Oh, if only..... This makes so much more sense than that apalling episode where Jonathan persuades Buffy to give Riley another chance. She should have dumped him and turned to Spike!
Well, I don't know if Buffy at that point in time would have turned to Spike if something like the spell hadn't propelled her in that direction, but I do agree that this is a much nicer outcome than canon!  Thanks so much for reading.  I'm glad you liked it!

06/25/2011 01:00 am
Not Your Average Superhero         
You took a sow's ear of an episode and turned it into something else.  Very hot!
Thanks for reading!  Glad you enjoyed it.

06/03/2011 09:51 pm
Not Your Average Superhero         

Whew, is it hot in this story or is it me? *fans self and mops brow* No, it is really, really hot in this story. This story smolders. The sensuality in it is almost poetic and I love the idea of Spike and Buffy being in Jonathan's AR and free to explore their chemistry. I always love your stories, Abby, and this one is sensational!

I loved this reply!  Thank you, it made me smile. 

behind blue eyes
06/03/2011 01:17 am
Not Your Average Superhero         

Enjoyed!  Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for reading!