Instant Sun by Verity Watson

02/17/2012 06:13 pm
Ch. 9: Dimension Suspension         
Lovely little 'Buffy & Spike stuck somewhere on their own and so Spuffiness ensues' story. I looked in vain for the promised sequel....

08/20/2008 11:30 pm
Ch. 9: Dimension Suspension         

The perfect idyll.

Dorian's Kitten
08/02/2008 04:10 am
Ch. 9: Dimension Suspension         
Charming. From start to finish, this was charming.

05/11/2008 08:40 pm
Ch. 9: Dimension Suspension         
 Great story. You set her up in such a way that she couldn't resist. What woman could? Can't wait for the sequel. Now that she knows what she's been missing... and with vampire stamina added to the mix.

10/07/2007 09:40 am
Ch. 9: Dimension Suspension         
Well, that's one way to let everyone know! :) More please!

09/29/2007 04:27 am
Ch. 9: Dimension Suspension         
I love this story! Sequel?
I'm working on it, but my muse is balking at writing babyfic. I'll talk her around, promise.

09/22/2007 05:51 am
Ch. 9: Dimension Suspension         
What a great read! It was a real treat getting to know carefree Buffy and Spike - and now I'm extremely jealous of their alternate reality!
Thanks, Luna! And yeah, I'd like to have a bottle of Instant Sun in my medicine cabinet, too!

09/15/2007 08:08 pm
Ch. 9: Dimension Suspension         
This is just perfect
Hey thanks, Alien! Glad you enjoyed.

07/14/2007 02:05 am
Ch. 9: Dimension Suspension         
I read this all in one go and wated to say how much I'm enjoying this entertaining, deftly plotted story. Buffy and Spike's relatinship on the island paradise was ddelightfully fluffy, but you added in some real emotional connection, too. I'm looking forward to Buffy's explanation and the gang's reaction to the impromptu make out session.

07/14/2007 02:04 am
Ch. 9: Dimension Suspension         
I read this all in one go and wated to say how much I'm enjoying this entertaining, deftly plotted story. Buffy and Spike's relatinship on the island paradise was ddelightfully fluffy, but you added in some real emotional connection, too. I'm looking forward to Buffy's explanation and the gang's reaction to the impromptu make out session.

04/02/2007 03:50 pm
Ch. 9: Dimension Suspension         
Been checking frequently for updates, as you left us at an extreme cliffhanger!!!
Sorry, Cee ... I have this one roughed out, but somehow I'm having trouble figuring out the dialogue and pacing. As it reads now, it's just kind of a snore! But I'm looking for the muse, promise. ;)

02/25/2007 05:30 am
Ch. 9: Dimension Suspension         
This Way Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Crappy Existence’” Anya suggested. - Loved Anya - she's the best. Liked the ending, too.
Yeah, love writing Anya - thanks so much for reading & reviewing!

02/24/2007 11:55 am
Ch. 9: Dimension Suspension         
I'm looking forward to the explaination.
Thanks, Inzey! And trust me, Buffy is NOT looking forward to explaining! ;)

02/24/2007 07:55 am
Ch. 9: Dimension Suspension         
Hee! I can so picture Xander and Willow's faces! Just precious. Thanks for the fun story.
Thanks! And yeah, I'm enjoying writing Xander and Willow's reactions.

02/24/2007 07:27 am
Ch. 9: Dimension Suspension         
That was kinda evil. I can't wait to see how she handles this.
Yeah, I guess it was. ;) Already working on the sequel ...

02/24/2007 06:35 am
Ch. 9: Dimension Suspension         
Well I'm glad they were able to get back before any lasting damage was done, but I really hope they are able to work out how to have a relationship in the real world. Seems like some of the gang would support it, even if others are shocked. I also can't wait to find out what they do to the trio once they find them, since I don't think going to Mexico will be far enough away
Buffy is going to be so busy with the, ahem, aftereffects of her vacation that it will be a while until she gets around to dealing with the Trio ... but you're absolutely right, Mexico isn't far enough away to keep them from causing mischief!

02/24/2007 06:18 am
Ch. 9: Dimension Suspension         
wonderful tale, thank you. you could do many chapters on "okay, see, I can explain.” thank s for the fun read, looking forward to the next part of the tale.
Thanks, Vladt! And oh, yes, more chapters to come!

02/24/2007 05:56 am
Ch. 9: Dimension Suspension         
Yay, that was an evil way to end it. Personally I'm hoping for the sequel to be one that includes a baby for the couple. Guess they can't deny it to everyone now. Other then Xander, the rest won't be to surprised and of course Anya will definitely ask about the orgasms that he gave her while they were there. Guess now they know what they'd been up to on the island! Will be waiting for the sequel, enjoying this, thanks.
Thanks, Verda. Without tipping my hand *too* much, the sequel is called Souvenir. Hmmm ... might just have to add an Anya scene, too ...

02/24/2007 05:26 am
Ch. 9: Dimension Suspension         
Ah, paradise lost. This was a fun read. Thanks for posting it!
Thanks, msclawdia. Paradise Lost! I suppose so ... LOL.

02/24/2007 04:23 am
Ch. 9: Dimension Suspension         
Excellent! However, I'm glad you placed the disclaimer on the ending because that "..I can explain" really leaves one hanging. Please don't be too long with the sequel.
Already working on the sequel, Joyce ... won't be too long!

02/24/2007 02:39 am
Ch. 9: Dimension Suspension         
Can't wait for the sequel - what with Buffy not kicking Spike to the curb immediately. And everyone knows now, so...
Yeah, Buffy's going to be a little smarter in my sequel - but there's still quite a *lot* to deal with.

02/23/2007 11:46 pm
Ch. 9: Dimension Suspension         
cute! looking forward to the sequel.
Thanks - already working on it!

02/23/2007 11:20 pm
Ch. 9: Dimension Suspension         
Hurray for a sequel :D
Thanks, Scarlet!

02/23/2007 07:23 pm
Ch. 9: Dimension Suspension         
I am so glad that Buffy was the one to initiate that kiss! Spike was willing to just go back to the old familiar relationship with his memories but she reached for him. That bodes well actually. I think Anya, Dawn and Tara will be solidly behind them and Willow can come around. Just Xander (and the missing Giles) to deal with and the happies can begin.

:Love this story. Felt like a vacation just reading it. Wonder if Spike's slight case of humanity will have any aftereffects *G* Any small thing in the sequel would be delightful IMHO (hint, hint).

I leave it in the hands of a talented wordsmith to tackle. You write it and I shall read, happily.

Thanks, Kathleen. And as for the residual effects? Well ... the sequel is called Souvenir. ;)

02/23/2007 06:51 pm
Ch. 9: Dimension Suspension         
Ahhh yes I loved it! At least Buffy didn't go all avoid-y/bitchy/denial-y Buffy, that always bugs me a little. Loved the story, I can't wait for the sequel!!
Thanks, Roxy! Yeah, I didn't want Buffy to be bitchy and denial-y, but she's not quite making with the acceptance yet, either ...

02/25/2007 05:19 am
Ch. 8: Lust Gust         
Yes, they have to come back now so Spike can bite Buffy. And, could someone smack Dawn, please?
Yeah, I'm getting tired of human Spike, so they're coming home soon ...

02/17/2007 06:55 am
Ch. 8: Lust Gust         
red is true to form. good read, thank you.
Thanks. Sadly, I think Willow is still trying to fix things that aren't broken.

02/17/2007 12:56 am
Ch. 8: Lust Gust         
Another good chapter although I am getting anxious for Buffy and Spike. These two should be able to heed changes in their environment and wonder about it because after all There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch!
Exactly! It just can't last. Glad you're enjoying.

02/16/2007 08:47 pm
Ch. 8: Lust Gust         
EEK! Spike not coming abck through the portal? Willow thought Buffy was upset when she ripped her our of heaven the FIRST time!
By the way - can I buy a bottle of "instant sun?" Please? I'm tired of battling the snowdrifts in upstate NY!
LOL - I hear you! Pennsylania is a mess, too. And yeah, Willow will never learn ... but I think that Buffy just might.

02/16/2007 03:16 pm
Ch. 8: Lust Gust         
Love this story and the romantic getaway theme... Can't wait to see what happens next for Buffy and Spike. Sad to think that they can't stay that way for a little while longer, sigh...
Eagerly awaiting your next chapter!
Thanks, Pufles. It is tempting to leave them there for another few months - maybe write a few chapters about typical island activities for tourists like "Jet Ski Whee" and "Snorkel Schmorkel" and, of course, the original rhyming couplet of ResortLand, "Booze Cruise." But alas, the plot must go on ...

02/16/2007 02:05 pm
Ch. 8: Lust Gust         

02/16/2007 10:01 am
Ch. 8: Lust Gust         
Uh oh, Buffy's thoughts don't bode very well for Spike. But I do think she will atleast try to get him back if the spell doesn't bring him with her. I hope. Looking forward to more.
Thanks, Jessica. And I don't think I can let Buffy abandon Spike ... not when she's just found out how oh-so-very talented he is! ;)

02/16/2007 08:18 am
Ch. 8: Lust Gust         
Just friends? Wow, but will Spike be satisfied as "friends with benefits?" Of course Willow's not worried about Spike. Hope he's "holding on tight" to her when they pull her out, so he'll have to "come" along too! He! he! Thank you for posting so often. Really enjoying your fic.
Thanks, Verda! So glad you're reading. And I cna't decide how Spike will feel about Buffy's FWB idea, but I think we all know there's more than simple friendship here ...

02/16/2007 12:30 am
Ch. 8: Lust Gust         
willow annoys me.. she really does.. anyhoo.. lovely chapter :D
I can't make up my mind about Willow, but I find her the best accidental villain in the 'verse. So sure she's doing the right thing ... Glad you're enjoying.

02/15/2007 11:09 pm
Ch. 8: Lust Gust         
Playing catch up. Nice is nice to see them growing closer. Very sweet.

Grrr... I'm sure there will be hell to pay if Willow leaves Spike behind.
Thanks - and yeah, grrr! to Willow. I keep thinking that the gang really ought to ease up on Spike during S6 - I mean, hello? Stole a camper, stood up to a Hell God?

02/15/2007 09:16 pm
Ch. 8: Lust Gust         
Guh......Buffy comes back and they leave Spike! I think Buffy won't stand for that. Friends huh? The only girl in the world who can be on a tropical island AND and Egyptian river at the same time.

LOVE thew romance, the peace for our favorite couple.


ROFL at "tropical island and Egyptian river" - and this is problematic because I'm sitting in a coffee shop! Glad you're enjoying it.

02/15/2007 08:46 pm
Ch. 8: Lust Gust         
damm scoobies are gonna screw everything up !
Well, yeah ... IMHO, if they weren't so anti-Spike, he and Buffy might've had a better relationship ... maybe.

02/15/2007 08:24 pm
Ch. 8: Lust Gust         
They have to let Spike come back too!
Of course they do! I'll go talk to Willow right now ... but if all else fails, I trust Buffy to do the right thing by our guy. At least in this story. ;)

02/15/2007 07:45 pm
Ch. 8: Lust Gust         
Uh oh - Spike won't come back with her? That's not gonna make Buffy very happy....
I like the way you haven't turned them into instant soul-mates just because they've discovered that they can have fun together and that they like having sex. It will be interesting to see what happens to the budding relationship if/when they get back.
Well, Willow might not plan on rescuing Spike, but fortunately Willow's not sitting at my laptop. ;)

02/25/2007 05:12 am
Ch. 7: Then Again         
knew how to have an orgasm - Don't know who would have given her one except herself.

You aren't going to bring Buffy and Spike back in an embarrasing moment are you?

No, no, no - not bringing them back all nude & sweaty.

LOL - not saying *how* Buffy figured things out, not saying that Spike doesn't rock her world, just saying that she can't possibly be *that* clueless by the time she's 20!

02/17/2007 06:29 am
Ch. 7: Then Again         
glad to see the slayer enjoying her forced vacation. hope she remembers when she gets back. fun read, thank you.
Thanks, Vladt. Glad you're enjoying.

02/15/2007 12:31 am
Ch. 7: Then Again         
Hmm I'm thinking Buffy is enjoying herself just fine in paradise with Spike. And as long as the dimension keeps holding together I'm sure they'll find ways to occupy their time. I wonder what will happen when they are returned back to Sunnydale, especially with his promise not to tell
Yes, well Buffy might have her flaws, but she's not a total idjit! Who wouldn't stay put on an island paradise for just a day or three? *Looks out window at snow waiting to be shoveled, sighs.*

02/14/2007 08:49 am
Ch. 7: Then Again         
Oh wow...just found this one and devoured all you have posted. What a sweet, hot fantasy! Oh yes, Buffy is about to be pulled from heaven again and I hope she smacks Willow repeatedly before continuing her relationship with Spike. Excellent. Going to put in favorites so I don't miss any updates.

Thanks so much! *Grins* And yeah, Willow just needs to let our girl alone and accept that being off in paradise with Spike is NOT a situation to fix ...

02/14/2007 08:24 am
Ch. 7: Then Again         
Oh Yeah! Trying that again. At least she'll know what she's missing once she gets back home. Maybe she'll want more? Now for Willow just to take her time, but we know she won't. Come on Spike "Give it to her one more time, once is never enough with a man like you!" as Tenille said.
He he! Can't wait for the next chapter, thanks VW.
Hey, Verda - glad you enjoyed. And you get major points for quoting Captain&Tenille in a review - that might be a first! :)

02/14/2007 02:10 am
Ch. 7: Then Again         
oooh lol i like i like...
Thanks! More on the way ...

02/13/2007 04:30 pm
Ch. 7: Then Again         
Loved the Anya/Warren dialogue! Just the right juxtaposition using Spike's interaction with the Trio.
Thanks, Joyce. I love Anya, and Warren is fun to rough up. ;)

02/13/2007 04:01 pm
Ch. 7: Then Again         
Nice chapter. Great Buffy and Spike scenes
Thanks, Inzey. Glad you enjoyed.

02/13/2007 01:41 pm
Ch. 7: Then Again         
Think you're missing a /b somewhere ;)

I giggled at the sand-related complication. Very cute.

"She’d had good sex before, knew how to have an orgasm." Thank you for that. I get so tired of stories where Buffy knew not was pleasure was until she met Spike. Not that I don't think sex with Spike would be fabu, but S6 Buffy is not some fluttering virgin either.
Oops! Thanks for the catch on /b.

Glad you're on board with the non-fluttering Buffy. Wasn't sure how that would go over, but I agree that writing S6 Buffy as naive and inexperienced requires a lot of denial.

02/13/2007 01:29 pm
Ch. 7: Then Again         
Whew! I was SURE they'd bring them back while Buffy was...occupied with Spike's parts. Then Xander's head would explode.
SUCH an enjoyable story. Thanks for updating!
Thanks - glad you're enjoying. Since we're in the middle of another snowfall here in the wilds of Western Pennyslvania, I'm enjoying imagining the beach ...

02/13/2007 11:53 am
Ch. 7: Then Again         
Okay that was not how I thought the morning would go. But I guess the true test would be getting back home, wouldn't it? Loved it. Can't wait for more.
Thanks - I figured it would be worth keeping Buffy in bliss mode a little longer. No promises once they return to Sunnydale. ;)

02/25/2007 05:05 am
Ch. 6: Higher Fire         
Spike thought back to a particularly delicious night in Texas, snacking on spring breakers. - LOL, glad to see Spike isn't totally whipped; he's still harboring those tender memories.
Of course! I prefer my Spike not totally tame ... what fun is that?

02/14/2007 07:05 am
Ch. 6: Higher Fire         
Sorry I missed this one. Boy, am I sorry I missed this one. Hope he can get seconds in the next chapter. This is so good. Guess Willow will be bringing them home soon. Damn! Great chapter, thanks.
Thanks, Verda. And we're going to keep Willow at bay for a little longer.

02/12/2007 09:39 am
Ch. 6: Higher Fire         
Oh wow. I wonder what the morning will bring? Loved the chapter.

02/10/2007 04:38 am
Ch. 6: Higher Fire         
so good! want more ;D
Thanks - should have the next chapter up in a few days.

02/07/2007 06:04 am
Ch. 6: Higher Fire         
Lovely, yet sad... Poor Spike, I hope the morning brings him some comfort and reassurance.
I seem to keep writing things where Spike suffers mightily ... maybe the summary for my next fic should be "Spike wins the lottery and gets the girl, too." What do you think? ;)

Thanks for reading!

02/07/2007 05:19 am
Ch. 6: Higher Fire         
Funny, I thought those were beige. Brilliant!

Thanks! I'm having fun imagining how their wishes might surprise each other. ;)

02/07/2007 03:13 am
Ch. 6: Higher Fire         
Well written fun beach scene. Hmm, what did Spike promise?
Thanks, and yes, that IS the question, isn't it?

02/07/2007 01:14 am
Ch. 6: Higher Fire         
that went well. the morning ( or the return) could still be a disaster. very good read, thank you.
Thanks for the review - and hey, the threat of disaster is just part & parcel of Spuffy. ;)

02/06/2007 07:05 pm
Ch. 6: Higher Fire         
Great chapter. I just hope Buffy won't be a total bitch against Spike afterwards, and Spike won't be all mean, hurtfull guy.
Thanks - as for the morning after, well - wait & see, but I'll say that this is basically a Fluffy fic, so I don't plan to spring much badness on you.

02/06/2007 01:36 pm
Ch. 6: Higher Fire         
I wonder what he had just promised? A new way to set up the same sad situation as the season vi we all know and hate? Nicely done.
I debated that line, 'cause I hate the S6 badness, but I thought it would be a mistake to just pretend the potential wasn't there ... but thanks for reading & reviewing.

02/25/2007 04:57 am
Ch. 5: New View         
Poor Buffy - she has to go to another dimension to get a date.
HA! LOL - and it is SO sadly true, isn't it?

02/05/2007 08:33 pm
Ch. 5: New View         
wonderful evening. thank for the enjoyable read. looking forward to "maybe we’re not ending this night quite yet."
Thanks for the review - I should be posting the rest of the "this night" within the next day.

02/05/2007 11:41 am
Ch. 5: New View         
A tipsy VB, amoon lite night, a walk along the beach. sounds like the makes of a very romantic evening. If Spike's alive and they have sex, can Buffy get pregnant? That would be great! I alway's love it when they have a sprog of their own. As Anya alway's says "a gift with purchase!" Great chapter, thanks for sharing.
Well ... let's just say that Buffy has yet to consider that possibility. *Makes hushing sound, winks.*

02/05/2007 10:54 am
Ch. 5: New View         
Loved the new chapters. Can't wait for more of this one.

02/05/2007 06:25 am
Ch. 5: New View         
Nice chapter.

Spikes Slayer2
02/05/2007 04:14 am
Ch. 5: New View         
aww.. they went on a date??? how cute :D
Yup. And I usually resist writing Spuffy dates, 'cause they seem so unlikely in workaday Sunnydale. But here ... I just couldn't resist. ;)

02/05/2007 01:58 am
Ch. 5: New View         
Sounds like a lovely date...and, wow, they certainly put away some wine between them! LOL...I'm thinking that if Buffy has her way that pillow barrier won't be going up again. Lovely chapter. Thank you.
You're welcome! Glad you liked it. Stand by for a status report on the pillow barrier ...

02/16/2007 03:56 am
Ch. 4: Sweet Retreat         
Yes, Buffy, help Spike get that nasty sand off. This story is bumming me. I'm in Chicago - cold - snow - generally winter yuckiness. Can I go to the sunny demon dimension, too. Send Spike.
I know! I'm in Pennsylvania - not much better here. I don't think I'd imagine this in June. And by August, I'll probably be sending them to a ski lodge. ;)

02/05/2007 11:27 am
Ch. 4: Sweet Retreat         
They are having such a great time I hate that they have to go back. Yeah, Buffy's not a virgin, she's got to know how a man would react to that. One more to go. So excited, I like VB and so does Spike. Great chapter, thanks.
Thanks! And I know, I hate to send them back - I'm having so much fun with them here.

02/04/2007 07:11 pm
Ch. 4: Sweet Retreat         
I"m enjoying this story as the snow comes down outside. thanks!
You're welcome - thanks for reviewing. And I know what you mean about the snow ... it is freezing here!

02/04/2007 06:54 pm
Ch. 4: Sweet Retreat         
buffy is definitely enjoying her island vacation. appears spike might start to enjoy it even more. fun read, thank you.
Oh, I intend for Spike to enjoy himself! Thanks for reading.

02/04/2007 05:51 pm
Ch. 4: Sweet Retreat         
Great chapter. You make me jealous of Buffy being on a tropical island with Spike.
Thanks for the review - and I know, right now I'd settle for just being on the island!

02/04/2007 03:12 pm
Ch. 4: Sweet Retreat         
So the demon manufacturers knew exactly just what it would take to properly distract a human and increase the letting down of the guard of the Slayer. No wonder this stuff cost so much! Loving where the mind of Vacation Girl Buffy is going.
I'm not sure if the Unfugs are so wickedly clever or if S6 Buffy is just so *willing* to be distracted ... but in any case, yup, Instant Sun is worth at least $3,000. Especially because there was no packing and going through security at the airport. ;)

02/04/2007 02:39 pm
Ch. 4: Sweet Retreat         
It occurs to me that reading these chapters before they're validated means that I don't leave anything resembling a review. I just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying the story. *paws around looking for the next chapter*
Hey, thanks! I really, really appreciate it.

02/05/2007 11:15 am
Ch. 3: Paradise Device         
Liked Buffy's question abiut the bed. May she'll figure it out soon. Liking that he's got a pulse. He's better looking then Jude Law any day. Leave it to our Tara to be so wise. Sorry I missed this but now I have three chapters to read instead of two. Love this concept. Thanks
Thanks for reading. Glad you weren't troubled by the pulse - I fretted over that decision. And I agree with you about Jude.! ;)

02/04/2007 04:16 am
Ch. 3: Paradise Device         
anya is wonderful. and her bending xander's mind is hilarious. great read, thank you.
Thanks for reading - and I was sweating the Anya/Xander interaction, so I'm especially glad you're liking that part.

02/04/2007 01:29 am
Ch. 3: Paradise Device         
Fun story. Very interesting that the dimension only made one bedroom. And, what are the Trio up to?

02/02/2007 04:18 pm
Ch. 3: Paradise Device         
Again, clueless Buffy not being able to make the logical leap! Loving the Anya wisdom.
I know - I try not to write Buffy as dumb, but she's sooooo very much in denial!

02/02/2007 08:05 am
Ch. 3: Paradise Device         
Ooh! I like this one too. Can't wait for an update.
Thanks! An update is on the way ... VW

02/02/2007 06:52 am
Ch. 3: Paradise Device         
Great chapter.

02/14/2007 06:29 am
Ch. 2: Potion Commotion         
I'm really feeling this story so far. However, I think it's a bit OOC for Tara to stutter that much. Season four, maybe even five. But she kind of got over it (mostly) in season six. Keep up the good work.
Thanks, Scarlet. Huh. I didn't even realize how much I was using Tara stuttering as a crutch - but you're right, her character does change by S6 and I'm not doing her justice.

02/04/2007 04:03 am
Ch. 2: Potion Commotion         
anya telling the "brilliant" scoobies what is going on in their world. love it. fun read, thank you.
Thanks - I love reading & writing smart Anya. Glad you're enjoying!

02/02/2007 04:07 pm
Ch. 2: Potion Commotion         
Good to see the Scoobies doing their job! Nitpick.don't Willow and Tara have a place for beauty accessories..or are they kept in the bedroom? One bathroom, right?
Huh. That's a really good question. I've assumed that the master bedroom had its own attached bath. I can't find anything that clarifies the house's layout online, and I remember contradictory things from the show. Then again, since Willow & Tara are fresh off dorm living, maybe they are still toting their stuff around in plastic bins ...

02/01/2007 12:33 pm
Ch. 2: Potion Commotion         
They could all have a vacation on the house. So happy when ever they listen to Anya. She's got as much information about things as the Council does and she lived it. Really like this, thanks.
Thanks for reviewing. It is always a relief to know that I'm not insane - or at least not alone - when I find myself thinking a trip to a tropical island would be good and that turns into how can I send Buffy and Spike to an island in the sun ...

02/01/2007 03:42 am
Ch. 2: Potion Commotion         
Gee, can I be stranded on an island with all my favorite foods, movies and a really hot guy? Esp if it is Spike.
I know, really! This island has its limitations, though ... more to follow.

02/01/2007 03:22 am
Ch. 2: Potion Commotion         
Much better. Buffy needed company, but please oh please do not let the rest of them go on vacation.
No way! It's paradise, and the rest of the gang has done NOTHING in S6 to merit a trip to paradise. And even if they did, they'd to have to find their own. This is most definitely an island built for 2. ~VW

01/31/2007 11:45 pm
Ch. 2: Potion Commotion         
fun story beginning. looking forward to more!
Thanks. It is actually finished - I'm just cleaning it up and working on an idea for a sequel - so I hope to post the rest pretty quickly! ~VW

01/31/2007 07:21 pm
Ch. 2: Potion Commotion         
Can't wait to see Buffy's face when she sees Spike. Great chapter!
Yeah, she's gonna be kinda shocked. But can you think of anything better than finding yourself on a beach with Spike? How upset can she possibly be? ~ VW

01/31/2007 02:26 pm
Ch. 2: Potion Commotion         
Like this a lot so far. I can definitely see, with the amount of stress she's been under, Buffy being like "I'll just sit in the sun for fifteen minutes, and then I'll start trying to figure out a way to get home...."
Thanks. I've written some S6 Buffy where she's truly miserable, and I wanted to come up with something where she was confused and sad, but still open to the possibility that life would get better. ~ VW

01/31/2007 02:08 pm
Ch. 2: Potion Commotion         
lol go anya!

hope the scoobs dont burst in on spike and buffys retreat :P
Ah, but wondering if they will is half the fun ... you KNOW they'll try! ~ VW

01/31/2007 02:08 pm
Ch. 2: Potion Commotion         
lol go anya!

hope the scoobs dont burst in on spike and buffys retreat :P

01/31/2007 02:02 pm
Ch. 2: Potion Commotion         
Thank god for Anya -- the only one with a brain!
I know - I adore her, and I'm always sad that there's not more stuff out there where all her knowledge comes in handy. Thanks for reading! ~ VW

02/01/2007 12:24 pm
Ch. 1: Sun Gun         
Well this is different. How are they going to find her now? a locator spell? When will they miss her? Nice beginning, thanks.

02/01/2007 03:39 am
Ch. 1: Sun Gun         
Love your stuff. Glad you are posting it here.

02/01/2007 03:15 am
Ch. 1: Sun Gun         
Great concept, but Buffy was supposed to take the Spikester with her to paradise. LOL at demon Amway and Buffy's deep knowledge of skin products.

01/31/2007 07:49 am
Ch. 1: Sun Gun         
Wonder where Buffy will end up? On that tropical island she wanted to go to?
Great beginning!
Personally, I want to go to Aruba, but I'm sending Buffy someplace even better! Thanks for reviewing ... VW

01/31/2007 04:07 am
Ch. 1: Sun Gun         
attention grasping first chapter. thanks for the read.
Thanks for reviewing. Hope you like what happens next. ~VW

01/31/2007 02:21 am
Ch. 1: Sun Gun         
Instant Sun sounds like Spike can't follow her to wherever. Looking forward to how this situation will resolve!
It wouldn't be any fun if Spike couldn't go, too! Stand by ...

01/31/2007 01:49 am
Ch. 1: Sun Gun         
oooh i like this very promising :)
Thanks! I'm having a blast thinking about islands and sun and all. 'Specially since I just shovelled snow ... again! ~ VW