Meet the Pratts by Verity Watson

10/29/2009 04:49 am
Ch. 4: Alley         
Oh. My. God. This piece just litterally blew my mind! Every word was explosive and raw! That last line caught me...Can't wait to read your others!

08/15/2009 10:55 am
Ch. 4: Alley         
haha nice. i luvd the way you ended it

12/03/2008 03:56 am
Ch. 4: Alley         
"Warn your granddaughters about me."

Wonderful, absolutely the funniest read with an Alpha, dangerous Spike!  My word, how lovely and decadent and sexy.  What a charming last sentence to go along with his very generous investment.  She was wise to sample his charms deedy do and fortunate to have survived the encounter.   Thank you so much for such a clever bit of a read!  Sounded just like my favorite vampire!

01/30/2008 12:38 pm
Ch. 4: Alley         

10/18/2007 06:12 am
Ch. 4: Alley         
Okay, yeah. That was hot.

*Brilliant* last line.
Nauti read my fic. *Faints.*

Back now. Ahem. What I meant to say is, gee, thanks. I really appreciate the review. ;)

09/27/2007 05:58 pm
Ch. 4: Alley         
FABulous ending.
Thanks, Deb! Glad you enjoyed it.

09/07/2007 03:06 am
Ch. 4: Alley         
Loved innocent Buffy. She's so cute.
She is! Hard to match up S7 Martyr Buffy with S1 Perky Buffy. Thank goodness for fanfic. ;)

07/13/2007 01:39 am
Ch. 4: Alley         
What a wonderful read. The slow build of the friendship was delightful, and their alley encounter was steamy. That was a killer last line.

06/23/2007 10:23 pm
Ch. 4: Alley         
lol....too funny :P very good story, love :)

05/08/2007 07:48 pm
Ch. 4: Alley         
This is such a fun story! I'm not typically a huge fan of AUs, but this one works!

As I see you've started a sequel, I'm off to give that a try!

03/02/2007 09:42 am
Ch. 4: Alley         
So no spuffy afterwards? i loved the fic, don't get me wrong, i just wish there was more to it! i can't wait to check into your other workings, read ya soon!
Don't worry, Upset - there's a sequel in the works! Just working out a few final scenes, then I'll start posting it.

02/26/2007 12:45 am
Ch. 4: Alley         
Holy shit.

that was amazingly good. Good to know even if Buffy wasn't the Slayer her and Spike'd be at it.

Hey, thanks! And yeah, I kinda think they were meant to be ...

02/24/2007 09:51 pm
Ch. 4: Alley         
Ooo nice out of the ordinary piece. Love that last line! Neat how you kept Spike genuinely dangerous but somewhat tamed by Buffy.

Thanks, Kathleen! Glad you enjoyed. And what can I say? I like my Spike dangerous. ;)

02/24/2007 07:11 pm
Ch. 4: Alley         
This was good... why did Spike have to leave? *pouts* Oh well, grea story.
Thanks, Missy - and I'm working on a sequel. I agree that they can't stay apart forever ...

02/20/2007 09:49 pm
Ch. 4: Alley         
That fic was great, but damn it was too short! Great four chapters. Great ending!
Thanks, Dee. I'm working on a sequel. ;)

02/12/2007 03:27 pm
Ch. 4: Alley         
I love this new Spike. The story is very well written. I was sad to see that Buffy did not end up with Spike. Maybe you will write a sequel. If you don't I have to image one myself.
Thanks, Lynda! Glad you enjoyed ... and there's a sequel in the works, but don't let that stop your imagination ....

02/10/2007 03:42 pm
Ch. 4: Alley         
Oh my.....I was sure he was going to be with her or turn her.....but I guess he let his love for her grow to the point he thought of her future and not about his wants and needs.......

Thanks so much! And yeah, I kinda hate that they didn't run away together, but I'm working on a sequel. ;)

02/10/2007 02:06 am
Ch. 4: Alley         
That was so freaking awesome. :) So great, fantastic, wonderous-- loved it! AND HOT! Did I mention hot? HOT!!!
Hey, thanks! Glad you enjoyed.

02/07/2007 09:53 am
Ch. 4: Alley         
What a great encounter that she has with Spike. She gets to admire him, have a casual friendship, a hot one night stand, and money for her college tuition and so much more. Think I'd be spending my $ on funds to Buenos Aires. Very fun romp.
Yes, I think this is the life lesson where Buffy finds out that sometimes bad decisions work out better than we could have ever imagined. ;) I hear you about Bs. As., though ... right now, anywhere is better than the frozen MidAtlantic!

02/07/2007 12:03 am
Ch. 4: Alley         
That was...WOW. Awesome story! :)
Thanks, Xela. Glad you liked it!

02/06/2007 07:26 pm
Ch. 4: Alley         
oh wow....i so hope that's not the it??? it has been great so far, but i really hope he's not gone for good...great story, love :)
Working on a sequel - I hate to say good-bye, too!

02/06/2007 07:00 am
Ch. 4: Alley         
Wow, he really did like her! Sorry that he left, how is she ever going to have grandchilren after being with him. He's may be a one night stand but it was a memoriable night! Wonderful fic, thanks for sharing and posting the entire story.
Yup, he liked her alright. And I'd agree that Spike would pretty much ruin a girl for all other guys - lol!

02/06/2007 05:33 am
Ch. 4: Alley         
I'd love to see a sequel of this! (Preferably with Buffy and not her granddaughters)
Thanks for reading - and don't worry, there's a sequel coming, set just a few years in the future, so no granddaughters. LOL!

02/06/2007 04:40 am
Ch. 4: Alley         
This certainly was a bask and glow ending!
I know ... Thanks so much for reading & reviewing, Joyce.

02/06/2007 02:57 am
Ch. 4: Alley         
great last line. loved the tale, thank you.
Thanks - and I appreciate the reviews!

02/06/2007 12:19 am
Ch. 4: Alley         
LOL Well, I've got to say, I didn't see that coming. I love it, actually. Not usually fond of normal human Buffy, but the love 'em and leave Spike is awesome.
Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it.

02/06/2007 12:09 am
Ch. 4: Alley         
*giggle* Love it!
Glad you enjoyed!

02/05/2007 09:12 pm
Ch. 4: Alley         
Very sweet of him to give her the money and send the note after their time together. I'm sure she wasn't expecting even that much. Does make one curious why he chose to leave so soon if he was going to be so generous.
I think that, in this 'verse, everyone has this kind of cultivated ennui about vampires. And so Spike is charmed by this sheltered, idealistic young woman who somehow is tough or curious or stupid enough to stick around. Willow and Gunn might be in the know, but they're not his friends. And so Buffy gets close - and I think Spike leaves because that's unfamiliar and intimidating. Anyway, thanks for reading & reviewing.

02/05/2007 04:13 pm
Ch. 4: Alley         
"Warn your granddaughters about me."

I love this line! It was so Spike. :lol: Great story!
So glad you liked it!

02/05/2007 02:50 pm
Ch. 4: Alley         
Aww damn that's the end!? I was just starting to get into it...well, anyway, great story!
Thanks! And there's a sequel in the works. ;)

02/05/2007 10:50 am
Ch. 4: Alley         
Awwww, he left.....well, a girl can't be too mad when she receives a gift like that! Hee hee...warn the grandaughters...William got spooked.
Thanks for reading - and you're exactly right, he did get spooked.

02/05/2007 10:22 am
Ch. 4: Alley         
Loved this fic. But I'm torn. This was an excellent ending. But I also really really really want more. Would you do a sequel? I'd even be willing to beg. ; ) Please?
No begging required! I'm working on the sequel. ;)

02/05/2007 09:05 am
Ch. 4: Alley         
Awww, too bad they couldn't stay together. Great fic, hon!!
Thanks for reading! And I hated to tear them apart, but it just seemed impossible ... right now, at least.

02/05/2007 08:55 am
Ch. 4: Alley         
Lovely story.
Thanks, Inzey!

02/05/2007 08:39 am
Ch. 4: Alley         
Oh is that all. Why can't there be more. It was so different. I would love to read more in this world. Do you do sequels?
I'm working on one now! And I know, it isn't a terribly satisfying end to the story.

Spikes Slayer2
02/05/2007 08:27 am
Ch. 4: Alley         
aww.. i like.. nice ending

10/29/2009 04:43 am
Ch. 3: Gallery         

'...He eats small town American's for lunch" could possibly be THE best line I've read on this site!!!

01/30/2008 12:23 pm
Ch. 3: Gallery         
Very enjoyable ficcan't wait to read the rest!

06/23/2007 10:22 pm
Ch. 3: Gallery their conversation, very interesting :)

02/06/2007 06:39 am
Ch. 3: Gallery         
So she's not afraid. That's interesting. Can't wait to see what he's going to do about that. Poor Buffster, can't catch a break. Thanks for the read, really enjoying it.

02/05/2007 09:06 pm
Ch. 3: Gallery         
I love how casual Spike was about answering her questions seperating fact from myth about vampires. Again I was stroke by how cavalier he was about the whole thing. I'm worried that her not having the money to pay for school may lead to some bad decisions on her part, as she already has admitted to not being interested in being the good, safe girl anymore.

02/05/2007 06:52 am
Ch. 3: Gallery         
Great story, can't wait to read more.
Thanks, Inzey!

02/05/2007 06:45 am
Ch. 3: Gallery         
How did I miss this one at BSC? Anyway, I'm totally giggling at what you've got here so far. It's so cute! Who wouldn't be drawn into Spike like this?

Poor is way too damn expensive when you don't have rich parents or a full ride.
Hey, glad you like it!

02/05/2007 05:37 am
Ch. 3: Gallery         
I absolutely love the two new updates! So glad that Buffy wasn't scared away from Spike and that they're becoming friends. Also like that Willow's the knowledgable one about the supernatural while Buffy's in the dark, so to speak. Can't wait for more!
Glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for the review!

Spikes Slayer2
02/05/2007 04:28 am
Ch. 3: Gallery         
hmm... good updates i like i like... bit off canon but i still like :D
Canon? Hmmm ... I've heard that word before, but I seemed to have completely forgotten the meaning. ;)

02/05/2007 02:57 am
Ch. 3: Gallery         
awww...poor buffy...and i love her and spike talking about vampires...excellent chapter, love :)

03/01/2008 11:24 pm
Ch. 2: Millie's         
got to admire someone who get The Fall and Generation X in samefic!! :)

01/30/2008 12:10 pm
Ch. 2: Millie's         
Awww,that was sweet! Interesting conversations,loved it all.:)

06/23/2007 10:21 pm
Ch. 2: Millie's         
oh but she'll be back, won't she?? :) great chapter, love :)

Pam S
05/08/2007 05:57 pm
Ch. 2: Millie's         
Well, that was an introduction... I think most would leave after..
“Are you going to kill me?”

“Haven’t decided yet.”


02/06/2007 06:16 am
Ch. 2: Millie's         
Well that went well didn't it! Kendra a slayer here as well and he still kills and people haven't tried to stop him? Maybe they tried and it didn't turn out well from them. This is wild. Like it a lot. Thanks for sharing and posting here.
I can't decide if anyone has tried to kill him or not ... glad you're enjoying.

02/05/2007 09:01 pm
Ch. 2: Millie's         
Interesting that so many people know Spike's a vampire, and he doesn't have any hesitation about revealing it to more. Common sense would ahve Buffy staying away but something tells me that isn't going to happen. Loved his line about not knowing if he was going to kill her yet

02/05/2007 02:51 am
Ch. 2: Millie's         
oh wow...he has a funny way of going about things, doesn't he? i wonder though, if gunn and willow knew he was a vampire, why they weren't a bit more insistent in their warnings...maybe somehow they know that he's really not that bad...??? hmmmm...just thinking out loud, and lookin forward to more, love :)
It's a nice point, DoS. Hadn't given it much thought. I can only say that had Gunn & Willow sat her down for a long talk, the story would be much shorter. LOL! Thanks for reviewing.

02/04/2007 09:15 pm
Ch. 2: Millie's         
There's a whole lot of dialogue in this and not very much detail. I like the story, and I think I'd like it even more if I knew more about it.
Thanks - and I take your point about the lack of detail.

02/04/2007 08:27 pm
Ch. 2: Millie's         
Haven't decided yet! LOL!
Yeah! Thanks for reading.

02/04/2007 08:23 pm
Ch. 2: Millie's         
"Laughter." very good ending to a very good read. thank you.
Thanks ... more to come.

02/04/2007 06:08 pm
Ch. 2: Millie's         
Great chapter, looking forward to read more.
Thanks. I'm uploading the next chapter for validation right now.

02/04/2007 05:36 pm
Ch. 2: Millie's         
Ready, Steady,Go was also a music show in England in the 60s. I'm American but I do remember seeing clips of Cathy McGowan hosting shows with the Beatles distributed to Beatles fans.

Re your fic: Still can't figure out where you're going with this. Is Kendra the current slayer? Does Buffy have latent slayer ability?
Exactly! The song is about the show. "I'm not in love with Twiggy, 'cause I'm in love with Cathy McGowan." And so on. I like the idea of a character that has such rabid fans singing about BEING a fan.

To your questions about the plot: there are Slayers. Buffy won't find out anything about them in the next two chapters. For now, this is purely about the dynamic between Buffy & Spike, and my curiosity about whether Spike would still see something in Buffy if he hadn't gone off seeking the Chosen One. And I've always been curious about how Buffy would turn out if the basic outline of her life was the same, but untouched by vampires until she'd grown up.

Still, I'm not going for anything deep here ... and this might not be your thing if you're into, well, intricate plots.

01/30/2008 11:48 am
Ch. 1: Caritas         
This fic is AWESOME and Spike really is a heartstopper! Lovely!<>

06/23/2007 10:16 pm
Ch. 1: Caritas spike's a vamp...but does buffy even know vamps even exist??? great opening chapter, on to more :)

02/06/2007 05:58 am
Ch. 1: Caritas         
Willow knows he's a vampire? Does everyone? Guess I'll find out. Didn't know The Fall, re-recorded it. Very interesting concept. Very good start.
Thanks - and actually, I didn't know it was a cover until I wiki'd it for this story.

02/05/2007 08:55 pm
Ch. 1: Caritas         
Poor Buffy, she does seem out of place in the big city, although who wouldn't drool over Spike in all his hot goodness. Interesting to see Willow being the sophisticated connected one.

02/05/2007 02:35 am
Ch. 1: Caritas         
oh man...does buffy not know about vampires at this point, or what? cause i would have thought she might have sensed it...can't wait to see what happens next :)
Nope. Spike is her very first vampire ... and she's gonna be stunned. Thanks for reading!

02/04/2007 04:22 am
Ch. 1: Caritas         
very good read, thank you.

02/04/2007 01:34 am
Ch. 1: Caritas         
Can't believe Buffy is de trop fashionwise. Get that girl some hot clothes before Spike bites her. Fun start.
I know - painful to imagine, really. Then again, Spike loved her in that horrible bridesmaid's dress, so I think he'll see beyond the outdated denim. Thanks for reading!

02/03/2007 02:29 pm
Ch. 1: Caritas         
Ah, so wondering if maybe posted this on the wrong site, but I see by the ending not. And Willow knows. Interesting. Heartstopper indeed.
Yup, our favorite vampire is still a ... well, vampire.

02/03/2007 04:21 am
Ch. 1: Caritas         
Different, i think that I'm going to love it. Can't wait to read more.
Hope you will like the next part - thanks for reading!

02/02/2007 09:00 pm
Ch. 1: Caritas         
something new, something different. I'm liking this a lot. I hope this turns out quite lengthy. Please update soon.
Glad you're enjoying it.

02/02/2007 07:04 pm
Ch. 1: Caritas         
I am so intrigued. I can't wait for more.
Thanks! More is en route - hope you enjoy the next part, too.

02/02/2007 04:16 pm
Ch. 1: Caritas         
This is a good fic... But I've already read it somewhere else. :(

Thanks - it was up on BS Central until the site went whopperjawed. Fingers crossed that Mia is able to save the site! In the meantime, I'm posting it here because I've got the sequel almost done, so stand by ... fresh stuff is in the works!

02/02/2007 03:39 pm
Ch. 1: Caritas         
Buffy in LA is certainly out of her element. Looking forward to seeing where this AU ventures. Any other of the Angel crew around..etc?
Very little from the Angel crew, though I cast Gunn as the bouncer. Mostly because I didn't follow the series closely enough to be confident I had the characters' voices down - but that's an interesting question to consider ...

02/02/2007 02:17 pm
Ch. 1: Caritas         
Interesting start. I'd liked to see where your taking this one.
Thanks - I love the idea that Spike is drawn Buffy for being Buffy, not for being the Slayer. But it will change the dynamic between them ...

02/02/2007 12:55 pm
Ch. 1: Caritas         
i like it.... alot.. cant wait for the next chapter :D
Thanks! It's in the queue waiting for approval, so it shouldn't be long now. Hope you like it!

02/02/2007 07:36 am
Ch. 1: Caritas         
This looks interesting. ; ) More please.
Thanks - another chapter is en route. It should show up in the next day or so. Enjoy!

02/02/2007 06:58 am
Ch. 1: Caritas         
Exciting beginning. Nice.
Glad you're enjoying it!

02/02/2007 06:18 am
Ch. 1: Caritas         
Interesting...very interesting. Great intro and can't wait for more!
Thanks! Hope you like where it goes from here.