A Certain Amount of Connecting by Verity Watson

09/23/2010 03:16 pm
A Cetain Amoung of Connecting         
 Ok.  So, I've stayed up all night reading your stories, and am blissfully entranced.  Sitting in my office with stinging, sleepy eyes - it was totally worth it.

And I stopped off to check out your blog - lovely!  
Keep writing.  You are very talented.

Your fan,


09/07/2007 07:27 am
A Cetain Amoung of Connecting         
absolutely lovely. you somehow manage to carry off things that normally bug me in spuffy. great characterization and the tenderness here in the flashback is so believable even though they were at such a fierce, combative place. they both live with their hearts, really, I don't see how there couldn't be a little coming through.
Many, many thanks - it's funny, I just read your That One Time, your "right of passage for a Spangel writer." I'm pretty sure this is the equivalent Spuffy interaction.

04/01/2007 03:59 am
A Cetain Amoung of Connecting         
Loved it. Completely caught the first night and the last night for me. Great little story.

02/24/2007 07:08 am
A Cetain Amoung of Connecting         
Interesting to see how in both instances he tried to be what he thought she wanted/needed and got caught up in the circumstance. I liked tht he saw that platonic holding made him feel more connected to her than all the sex they had on their first night together
Thanks, Deb. And I like to think that their "last" night togehter was at least as satisfying as their first ...

02/21/2007 03:34 am
A Cetain Amoung of Connecting         
Love the beginning and the end (well, the middle too) but the beginning in the middle so echo eachother, but with such different tone. Very nicely done.
Thanks, Cas. Glad you enjoyed!

02/20/2007 10:09 pm
A Cetain Amoung of Connecting         
that was intense...very sad, too, the harsh pain of their raw emotions..but in the end,tender and satisfying :)
Thanks, DoS. I can't imagine Spike thinking of nothing but fluffy bunnies on his last night on Earth ... but I didn't want him to go to his death unhappy, either.

02/20/2007 07:34 pm
A Cetain Amoung of Connecting         
Hot but much more....touching, very emotional. I think you've captured Spike's thought process perfectly. Really good read.

Thanks, Kathleen! Glad you enjoyed it.