In The Knick of Time by ClawofCat

04/23/2007 10:13 pm
In The Knick of Time         
I sooooooooooooo loved this, I so could see Spike doing that, hehehe
Glad I could give you a laugh, Karla. I had a lot of fun writing it!

04/05/2007 05:04 pm
In The Knick of Time         
Hooboy! This is strong, trim (ahem) short smut. Shaving smut is so rare and needs to be (ahem) so precise, and this does the trick! Very original and polished. And, uh, hot.
Heh, glad you liked it. We all strive for originality and I'm very flattered that you think it is. Unlike my other fic archived here, which I put a lot of time in crafting, this was really just a random idea I threw down. But the f/b I've received has been surprisingly enthusiastic. I've had a few requests to continue the fic by having Spike shave Buffy. Go figure.

04/02/2007 08:09 pm
In The Knick of Time         
Thanks for a good laugh. I'd like to see it continued. I like your gentler Buffy.
Thanks for the review! Glad you were amused by this. I had great fun writing it. I don't see this continuing, but you never know. You find Buffy gentler in this? Huh, I thought she was still a bossy chit.

03/25/2007 01:09 pm
In The Knick of Time         
Love it, I wonder what they will do now.
Glad you liked it. I imagine they're going to have themselves a "one good day." And perhaps find some interesting uses for shaving cream >:>

03/25/2007 08:16 am
In The Knick of Time         
how extremely hot, love... brought a smile to my face, very amusing
Hee! Glad you liked it DoS. I randomly wanted to write about Spike f-ing with Buffy. I figured this would be something that would give her pause. I've also never seen this in a fic and since I like writing about weird kinky stuff I took a stab at it.

03/25/2007 07:58 am
In The Knick of Time         
How . . . odd. Interesting, but odd. I would like to see more of this world, it sounds interesting about Willow having moved out, and Tara helping Dawn and Buffy reconnect. Also, the Spuffy seems nicer here than in canon, which is good. Anyway, good job.
Thanks for the review. Did you find it odd because of the shaving or odd because of the change from canon? I kinda liked the little differences I set up in this verse too. When time permits, I might end up doing something more with it.