Bunny Plot by Ariel Dawn

06/06/2014 09:32 pm
Bunny Plot         
that challenge explained the randomness of some of the elements of this story.  funny, but more weird than anything.  Not quite enough fluffy spuffy.


05/30/2010 07:35 am
Bunny Plot         
Wickedly excellent. Absolutly loved it.

04/02/2007 08:56 pm
Bunny Plot         
I liked, it was funny!!!
Thanks Opal, it is one of my older fics. I realised not too long ago that I hadn't posted this when BSV went non bitey. And so I posted.

04/02/2007 06:35 pm
Bunny Plot         
wow - you sure took your clallenge items and shoved the sotry about 90 degrees away from anything one might expect from those ingredients! fun!
Dying to know who made the wish, though.
Thanks so much!

04/01/2007 10:53 pm
Bunny Plot         
excellent, very very cute...and you went above and beyond as far as the challenge requirements, didn't you? very funny fic, love

04/01/2007 07:41 am
Bunny Plot         
ha ha ha ha ha!

You do humor so great! Great quickie story!
Thanks so much!