Next Life by Ariel Dawn

01/14/2009 09:50 pm
Ice cream         
normal is unlikely. very good read, thank you.

12/11/2008 04:32 am
Ice cream         
Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/09/2008 08:10 pm
Ice cream         
OH man great last few chapters can't wait for more!!!

05/21/2014 03:07 am

Please note that two chapters are blank... not sure how many chapters you posted, but it lists seven, but there are only five.  two are blank.

07/06/2012 04:04 pm
Brilliant story, good amount of spuffyness and i gotta say I <3 the kids especially Rowan "I want Blueberry" lol thats pretty good.

01/14/2009 09:46 pm
four years old  and ready to take on anything. good chapter, thank you.

spuffy chick
11/14/2008 04:16 am
Little Witch         
oh no...please, write some more?  i really love this series....
the last couple of chapters are with my beta at the moment, it won't be long!

05/19/2008 02:56 pm
Little Witch         
please please please update! I've read the first two of the series and I can't wait to reunite with Ariel or Cat! Bianca's ok...just like a lil Buffy!

Love the stories!
Thanks, This series will have several stories.  I currently have the last chapters of Bianca's story in to my beta, and soonish I'll be starting on Rowan's story.  We've got quite a few more kids to go through before Ariel and Cat come back!

04/25/2008 05:02 pm
Little Witch         
Great Chapter - so glad that you have decided to continue with this excellent series - hope you have another chapter soon -

04/20/2008 03:39 am
Little Witch         
living with a four year old witch would allow for very few dull moments. fun read, thank you.
No kidding

04/20/2008 03:29 am
if andrew likes the way buffy is thinking, then they are probably not even close with their interpretation of the prophecy. very good read, thank you.
You never know...

04/10/2008 03:06 am

Great story.I love this story, despite the fact that I loathe Dawn/Xander and Anya/Giles.I can tolerate those two pairings for Spuffy and kids though.I just started outlining a Spuffy fic set post NFA. Buffy has five kids:Joy from a one night stand, Grace from a one night stand with Xander(after which they agreed to be friends and share custody)and Lola, Lucy, and William from her marriage to Spike.Angel and Cordy have nineteen kids:Two sons and seventeen daughters.Their nineteen kids include three sets of twins.Willow and Oz have an adopted daughter named Ivy.Xander and Anya have twins named Alexander(Alex)and Anyanka(Anna). Dawn and Connor have four kids:Elyse,Eleanor,Elijah,and Evan.

Thanks for reading. 

04/09/2008 01:11 am
Hmmm, think I'm getting more ideas about where his prophecy is leading.

Bianca's funny.

12/11/2007 07:52 pm
so glad that I will have more of this series to enjoy - Thanks for keeping this story current -

Hope you have a great Holiday Season and great 2008 - and thanks ever for keeping The Buffyverse alive for all the ficiton fandom -
Thanks, that's so nice of you!

11/19/2007 05:01 pm
I just love how Spike is such a parent with them. HA... And little Rowan is just the cutest. He is so surrounded by Graves's women. I really do hope that they can work through this. Not only has Bianca lost a friend and sister at the same time. She has the added pressure of not really fitting in with anyone. Plus SUMMER SCHOOL... Poor child
I know, it's tragic.  I'm sure she'll get through.

11/18/2007 11:05 pm
Hey, just thought I'd drop a quick note to say I really enjoy this series and, well pretty much all your fics. So, I'm happy to see you haven't stopped with this one! Got a lot of children to get through before the end of this fic! Keep up the good work! Ok, too many exclamation points
Thanks!  I do intend to get through all the kids, though I have to say that the series will contain more fics than I have posted thus far.  No way am I going to get through 11 kids in one fic. 

07/15/2007 06:45 pm
Angry Teenager         
Wow, B's just like her mom

Really looking forward to the next chapter
Thanks for reading!

06/29/2007 05:05 am
Angry Teenager         
wow...all those kids to keep them, though, you're doing an excellent job of making them seem real...and i really really love xander/dawn...excellent pairing and perfectly written...great chapter

06/27/2007 06:24 am
Angry Teenager         
bianca seems a lot like her mother. good chapter, thank you.
Thanks for reading!

05/21/2014 01:00 am
Dark thoughts.  Poor Nikki.  All the slayer impulse without the slayer power...  sucks.

I liked it when they all stayed slayers... bad shadowmen!


07/15/2007 12:52 pm
You have a really nice way of portraying grown-up scoobies and their offspring

Though I kinda feel like they should be liking Andrew more.

Wait a mitute there!
No no no I take that last comment back...
forgive me, it's my pity speaking

05/30/2007 06:12 am
Keep up the good work!

05/16/2007 09:34 pm
very good beginning to this section of the tale. sad for buffy to be aware of nikki's fate.
Thanks for the review

05/15/2007 03:38 pm
2021 this i'm so glad you've finally started posting this sequel, i've been looking forward to it excellent so far, you're doing a good job of developing the characters of the children....great start, can't wait for the next chapter

05/15/2007 05:03 am
nah, I didn't put too much thought into it. Merely what I came up with while I was reading your stories once through (I tend to do a full one sitting, get it all down in one bit reading on stories).

Now that I know Blood of Blood refers to the children, it is another piece to help me in my figuring out. I figured the middle was wrong, but I am 90% sure the second to last line I'm right about, 3 deaths for buffy, 3 times the first evil rises up and needs to be stopped.
actually you are still far off, but that's ok, it gives you a reason to read the fic.

05/15/2007 12:13 am
Wow, the series is continuing... And with a good first chapter. I would like to read more of this. Please update soon.
Thanks, though I don't know when I'll be updating the next chapter.

05/14/2007 02:42 pm
WOW, I am just glad that at least for a short time, everyone was together for a happy occassion. And to see the family expanding. Awesome to see them all. I am a little scared that Nikki is going to England, but at least in some form both Nikki and Richard will be closer. And it will just be Buffy/Spike and their girls. Just such a great start of a story.

05/14/2007 01:28 pm
Great start! I was hoping you could continue the series soon!

Can't wait to see what happens next! Thank you!!!
Thanks for reading!

05/14/2007 01:58 am
Well, hopefully, many years from now.

Nice to see the next part in the series. And you reminded us of all the stuff left off from where the last ended.
Thanks for reading

05/14/2007 12:19 am
buffy and co must be complete idiots, because the prophecy makes alot of sense to me:

Blood of light, Blood of dark,

Already covered

Blood of Blood,

Not sure, but I think this refers to the blood of those made from the blood of light abnd dark...the Graves children.

Blood spilt to cover up the evils of blood’s evil,

Means that blood is always shed to try and hid evils of man, demon, whatever. Creating more evil, and thus, more bloodshed

Undercover of darkness blood is hidden,

This means that the blood (killings, as well as possibly the big bad) isn't seen right away.

Three times blood is split, three times evil rises,

The most obvious. Buffy will die three times as the only Slayer, and thus 3 times will the First Evil Rise. 1) Her first death 2) the death Ariel caused. 3)????

Blood of light, Blood of dark,
Cycle begins anew.

Once the First Evil is defeated a third time, a new cycle will begin...either a new slayer and vampire will meet and begin the dance, or that Buffy and Spike will begin a new cycle of saving the world.

Seems pretty obvious to me...and I am just a casual fan. But a team of watchers, vampires, witches, and the Slayer can't figure that out?

I must say that your review has amused me. You've obviously put a lot of thought into this. The reason that no one in my little verse has figured the prophecy out yet is that it isn't a high priority, and Andrew's in charge, 'nough said.

As for your interpretation, again, you've obviously put a lot of thought into it. You are right on that blood of blood means Buffy and Spike's kids, as for the rest... not so much.

I'd love to explain it all to you, but that would give away the plots to future fics in this series. I'm afraid you are going to have to ponder out what the rest of the prophecy means on your own.

Thanks again for the review.