Re-Defining Them by DizzyB

07/26/2007 05:51 pm
Re-Defining Them         
excellent read, thank you.

07/23/2007 06:15 am
Re-Defining Them         
very intense, loved it...the council definitely needed an overhaul :P great job :)

07/22/2007 11:06 am
Re-Defining Them         
I liked this a lot. Pity it couldn't have happened in the show.

07/22/2007 10:58 am
Re-Defining Them         
OH that was good, but I wish you told what Buffy and Spike and maybe Dawn were doing of the change, especially since she asked Dawn where is your father in the first one, knowing more about that would be nice.

07/22/2007 08:50 am
Re-Defining Them         
That was a very nice addition. I would have loved more Giles and Buffy interaction but what was given was awesome. I figured Giles had to leave because it was difficult to be around the town that "murdered" his daughter.
Keep up the great work, can't wait to read more,

07/22/2007 01:27 am
Re-Defining Them         
loved it! short and sweet, and perfect as is.

07/22/2007 12:27 am
Re-Defining Them         
They needed a complete overhaul! Good job. I think there would be very few not too polluted by the party line but YAY that the weeding is complete.