We'll Go Be Heroes by just_sue

01/13/2008 04:21 pm
Beautiful; angsty yet somehow hope-filled; as if this time, when Spike comes back, he might believe her final words to him in the Hellmouth.
Thank you!

I was going to do a follow-up to this one for the Spuffy Solstice Ficathon on Spuffy Haven (LJ) but it didn't get anywhere near done in time. I, too, hope he believes her when he comes back. BFN!

08/28/2007 07:16 am
NICE PIECE - wonderful short story - loved how you connected the elements from the series into your story - especially the theme of "what does this mean?" -

I always think of that line and theme as connected to the work of Joseph Campbell and his comments on the contrasts between Eastern and Western philosophies - with the West always wanting to Name and Titled everything -

08/09/2007 05:55 pm
A lovely moment between them.

08/08/2007 12:32 pm
Very nice. I liked this a lot.
Thanks, hun! So glad you liked. *hugs*

08/08/2007 03:19 am
This was beautiful! There's so much unexplored emotion in those last few episodes, and you've created a lovely moment for both of them. I'm so curious to know what Spike's note said, but if you never tell us, it'll be a bittersweet mystery. And reading this sparked a little plot bunny... unrelated to the story itself, but dwelling in that moment of Spike's reflection gave me an idea. Thanks!
Thank you, sweetie!

The contents of Spike's note is entirely up to you - I have my own ideas. Chuffed that you liked and even more chuffed that has spawned a plot bunny for you. Cool! *hugs*

08/07/2007 11:02 pm
SUE!!!!! This was awesome! I was so thrilled to see your name and a post. I really enjoyed it!
LILLY!!!! Hee!

Thanks, sweetheart! So happy you liked, love. *smooches* xxx

08/07/2007 11:01 pm
Oh Sue this was just lovely! You fulfilled it all perfectly. Sotender and hopeful even though you didn't change a wit of canon. Bittersweet and tender all the way through.

I am so happy to see you back writing again! You have a wonderful gift and I am privelidged to enjoy the fruits of it by reading your stories. Also just happy to have YOU around again!

*hugs hard*

Thanks so much, Kathleen! I have missed being around in so many ways and do hope to be more visible in the future. Really glad you liked this and thanks, as ever, for your support, hun. *smooches* xxx

08/07/2007 07:30 pm
Aw, I want to know what he said to her in his letter! Chosen fics always make me a little teary, but it was so romantic!
Thank you, sweetie! I'm afraid I'm leaving it up to you to decide what Spike would have written to Buffy at this time. I have my own ideas but they could differ from yours. So glad you liked and thanks for letting me know. *hugs*

08/07/2007 03:50 pm
Ah, heartbreaking and lovely. What a wonderful way to remain within canon and still give Spike a bit of what we all hoped he would have someday.
Thanks so much, Patti! Playing between the lines of canon is so not my thing, so pulling it off is very pleasing indeed. Not that I'm likely to do it very often! LOL

*hugs* xxx

08/07/2007 02:48 pm
wow was that ever gorgeous, love beautifully done, and i love how you reveal at the end that spike left her a note, without saying what it said...leaves me definitely wanting more...*sigh* great, tear-inducing romantic tragic ficcage here...great job, love
Thank you, DoS! So glad you enjoyed - and I thought leaving it up to the reader to decide what the letter to Buffy from Spike contained was the right thing to do here. *hugs*