The Fifth Kiss by just_sue

Thanks. :-)
05/27/2010 11:01 am
The Fifth Kiss         

08/30/2008 12:20 pm
The Fifth Kiss         
Awww. This is lovely, hun. Just beautiful!

07/01/2008 05:17 am
The Fifth Kiss         
You write wonderfully. It's nearly artistic how you write! Great story and well done... although it ended quite adruptly. Was it a welcome or a farewell kiss? Is she pissed at Angel for locking him up? A sequel perhaps?

05/16/2008 07:39 pm
The Fifth Kiss         
sweet read, even if angel did not get what was coming to him. thanks for the tale.
Thank you, hun!

Can't bash up the guy who just took away biggest financial worries - or could, if hadn;' ran out of writing time! LOL

05/15/2008 09:30 pm
The Fifth Kiss         
Lovely sharp writing and a sweet ending.  Perfect.
Thank you, Lou! Very happy that you liked! *beams*

05/14/2008 05:51 am
The Fifth Kiss         
tht was so freakin cute!!!!! i love it!
spuffy fluff...
Thank you...and, gawd! Do you really think that's fluff? *wibbles*

05/13/2008 04:18 am
The Fifth Kiss         
NICE WORK - loved it
Thank you! Is chuffed to hear that! *beams*

05/13/2008 02:15 am
The Fifth Kiss         
Oh very nice. I would have loved to see Buffy telling Angel off though...
Thank you!

I'm afraid I ran out of time - literally posted to Seasonal Spuffy with ten minutes to spare - or Buffy may well have had words. However, the Broody One did pay her mortgagte so...

05/13/2008 12:59 am
The Fifth Kiss         
very nice story.  i'm glad that Buffy was able to get over herself and realize how much she did care about Spike.  He really did go above and beyond to prove himself to her, and most of that was spent being chained in Angel's basement....the horror!
Thank you, Deb!

That really is something horrific, isn't it? Being chained in Angel's basement, I mean. *suddhers*

Thanks muchly for commenting. *grins*

05/12/2008 11:26 pm
The Fifth Kiss         

The end is wonderful.  Made me smile.
Thank you! Is lovely to know I have made a smile out there, truly. *grins*

05/12/2008 09:18 pm
The Fifth Kiss         
Better than canon, so much better!!!
Thank you, sweetie! That means a lot from you. *beams*

05/12/2008 02:44 pm
The Fifth Kiss         
Yay!! Angel is such a bonehead. Love Spike! Good stuff.

Thank you! Much appreciate your comment and chuffed that you likes. *grins*