Something Redux by dreamweaver

02/08/2015 07:45 am
Chapter 6         
Pleasure reading this story again.  
I’m so glad that it holds up even on a reread! Thank you so much!

05/04/2014 08:11 am
Chapter 6         
So beautiful!! Well written and, once again, epic!! I love the way the older more mature Buffy viewed things and fixed them. I've viewed things the exact same way, that small little actions or views or words can alter an entire future irrevocably... that Xander has always been a demon/supernatural magnet but always grossly judgemental and prejudice about all over it, that Spike's always been the better man because he never needed that damn soul [unlike the poof Angel] and Willow with a tutor.... look out! Really look forward to reading the rest!! True Spuffy love never dies! lol
 I’m a rabid Spuffy girl and I totally agree with you that Spike doesn’t need that soul and that he’s a better man and a better mate for Buffy than anyone else. Which is why I write my stories.   Thank you for liking them!

04/14/2014 01:00 pm
Chapter 6         
Well, that went well.  Really, really well!


 I’m so glad you liked it!  Thank you!

04/12/2013 08:28 pm
Chapter 6         
Great Story
I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you!

06/06/2009 05:23 am
Chapter 6         

I love your time travel fics. This is probably one of my favs.
The difference between season four Buffy and post Chosen Buffy are so apparent once you put her in that season four setting. And note that things run so much smoother. I mean, recongizing that not all demons are evil and using the ones who weren't for help makes her life so much easier.
I'm wondering though, all those demons you mentioned in the story (and quite a few others too) are they real demons that we on the show? There's been so many that I can't even tell, lol

I'm so glad you liked it!  Thank you!  Most of the demons I mention are my own creation.  The Brachen, Listers and Ano-Movics are from the show and I don't tend to use them much.  Louth and the Hadraden, Kibble, the Firoud, Krasevics, Ixtal, Grathar and others are all mine.  And I always wondered why Buffy didn't make use of the peaceful demon community in Sunnydale (Clem and the others).  So I thought I'd show how much easier it would have been if she did.

06/03/2009 05:47 am
Chapter 6         
     Hurrah! Angstless ending. Well, except for the boys that didn't get any. Maybe someone should wright a parrallel story of how Angel learns to cope...
Always love a happy ending!  And rubbing it in to the Three Stooges.    Don't know if Angel will ever learn to cope - but I'm too much a hardcore Spuffy girl to write that story.  Thank you for liking this one!

01/03/2009 04:29 am
Chapter 6         
Having such a good time reading your stories - Your poor Xander however really does take a beating -
I honestly don't like Xander.  I see him as a bully and a hypocrite, and can't help writing him that way.  Both he and Angel do keep getting kicked around in my stories.   But, really, what does Xander actually contribute to the Scoobies, except constant negativity?  If you list the nasty things he has done from the start of BTVS to the end, you end up with this horrific tally of casual cruelty, bigotry, attempted rape and even deaths, as in OMWF - all of which he is immediately forgiven for, while Spike never is!  I really had a strip torn off me by a Xander fan for 'Running Wild', but honestly Xander doesn't change till Season 7 and I haven't set any stories there yet.
I'm so glad you like reading my fics even so!  Thank you so much!

11/14/2008 09:07 pm
Chapter 6         
Deliciously entertaining. Going to see if you have anymore fics, very well done.
Thank you!  I'm so glad you liked it!

08/16/2008 05:25 pm
Chapter 6         
Thank you!

08/09/2008 01:49 pm
Chapter 6         
I absolutely loved this! It was so brilliantly written and you characterised each and every character perfectly. This isn't going to be one of my really long reviews because I really have no constructive criticism for you! Absolutely brilliant!
Oh wow!  Thank you so much!  I love hearing that I've done it right!  I try really hard to keep everyone in character.  I'm so glad you think I did.  Thank you for enjoying the story!

08/07/2008 05:22 am
Chapter 6         
 Excellent story.
Thank you!

07/24/2008 06:38 am
Chapter 6         
another wonderful story, love your Buffy and Spike, you give your Spuffy reader everything they could ever hope for except maybe length I would love a super long story that I could wallow in for days.
Every one of your stories have been a joy to read, looking impatiently forward to another one hopefully with many many chapters.
Thank you so much!  I've never written a long story, only those novella length at roughly 30,000 words.  I think this is because I'm seeing them like an hour-long TV show in my head.  I intend to learn how to do longer stories and will slowly be working up to novel length bit by bit.  My next one will definitely be longer, though no way as long as you might like.   Thank you so much for liking my work!

07/18/2008 10:39 am
Chapter 6         
loved it, but kinda too short, dargh
Thank you!  I'm so glad you liked it.  So many people said it was too short that I'm working on a sequel.

Silver 81
07/16/2008 05:31 am
Chapter 6         

Well you have done it again! Another great story. I hope you are young and strong and can keep up with the great ideas!
  I really like your version of Buffy, in that she gives Spike his due. She rewards his vampire anomaly for goodness. Your spike is just as flawed and amazing and tenacious, as we imagine him to be. What a great character to write, and you do it so well. Thank you, I know it is greedy to ask, but do you have any more stories coming?
Will be here ready to enjoy, you are awesome!

Thank you so much!  I've tons of ideas and I'm having way too much fun to stop writing Spuffy for ages!
Spike is such a marvelous character - so full of contradictions, which make him a delight to write.  Thank you for thinking I do it well!  I'm working on another story right now - a dimensional jump with a 'Harsh Light of Day' Spike.  It looks like it may be a long one, so it might be a while before I post it.

07/15/2008 04:15 pm
Chapter 6         
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the story ... I am so glad that Buffy realized what she had lost ... and that she was able to go back and re-claim her love

Thank you for a great story
Thank you so much for liking it!  That makes it all worthwhile!

07/15/2008 06:22 am
Chapter 6         
lovely read, thank you. bonus round of applause for angel getting some of what he deserves. xander still needs to be forced into growing up.
I don't think Xander is capable of growing up.  He seems to be the perpetual adolescent!  Thank you so much for liking the story!

07/15/2008 05:49 am
Chapter 6         
Thank you!  It was so much fun writing it!

07/15/2008 02:38 am
Chapter 6         
Outstanding! I just love TakeChargeBuffy!
So do I!  I think she's capable of much more than canon allowed her.  Thank you for liking the story!

07/14/2008 07:06 am
Chapter 6         
The mating claim literally saved Spike's life I think.  Xander wouldn't be above sneaking in to stake him if it didn't mean killing Buffy too (Giles will have to suck it up too).  Maybe Buffy can make a much better future this time around.  She's already made it better just by  connecting with Spike and letting everyone know she runs her own life.

I really enjoyed this story.  Love when they can go back and get things right!

The mating claim is the perfect checkmate.  Otherwise Xander would.  That's why I keep using it - it allows not only their complete commitment to each other, but safety for Spike.  I'm so glad you liked the story!  Thank you!

07/14/2008 04:13 am
Chapter 6         
Hey, LOVED your story!  Parts of it left me absolutely breathless--thanks so much for sharing!
Oh, thank you for liking it!  I love writing Spuffy and it's lovely to know I'm doing it right!

07/14/2008 03:11 am
Chapter 6         
Thank you for another wonderful story.  I can't get enough of your do overs. 
Thank you for liking them!  I get so frustrated with canon that I can't help making things go the way I want them to!

07/14/2008 02:45 am
Chapter 6         
hehe... loved it! fabulous story! funny ending.
Thank you for liking it!  It was so much fun to write!

07/14/2008 02:30 am
Chapter 6         
I loved this story and the ending. The only way it could have ended better is if Buffy would have broken Xander's arms and Gile's arm too. TV Buffy would have been so much better if she had devopled a spine like your Buffy.
That's why I keep writing a stronger Buffy.  I hated the way canon kept making her such a wimp.  Can't beat up Giles or Xander!  I'd love to beat up Xander, as I'm so not a fan of his.  But I was hard on him in 'His Girl' and got a nasty email from a fan tearing a strip off me for it.  So, okay, I won't mess with canon that badly.  Thank you for liking my story!

07/14/2008 01:53 am
Chapter 6         
Lovely story, full of emotion and heat. I really do enjoy the way you write all the characters. You have quickly become one of my fav Spuffy writers.

And I really enjoy time travel fics. Although its always a little bittersweet. While Buffy did go back and do things right and treat Spike good, the Spike from her timeline still died not knowing love. *sigh*

Anyway, can't wait for your next story. I know it'll be good.
Oh, thank you!  I'm so glad you like my stories!  I wish we really could change canon, but we can't.  *sigh*  So the only way to think about it is that this would have ended up as that Spike if Buffy hadn't come back, but things have changed and he knows he's loved now, years before the show ended.

07/14/2008 12:55 am
Chapter 6         
I wasn't home yesterday so I was thrilled to find two chapters. I'm sad it's ending, but I love that Buffy finally gave up on not loving him. I'm thinking about a time-travel fic eventually where post Not Fade Away, the surviving Scoobies and Fang Gang members get sent back in time. Angel and a resurrected Cordelia would be found in a closet followed by Buffy and Spike.
That sounds hilarious!  I'd love to read it when you finish it!  I'm so glad you like my stories!  Thank you!

07/14/2008 12:05 am
Chapter 6         

This is a great story. I love that Buffy has second thoughts and is nice to Spike and that she stands up against the Scoobies and Angel.only wish you had'nt finisht it of so quickly. I want more! Sequel?

I'm so glad you liked it!  Thank you!  Yes, I will be doing a sequel since so many people have been asking for it.  But I have to finish my present WIP first.  It has a 'Harsh Light of Day' Spike and you might like it too.

07/13/2008 11:34 pm
Chapter 6         
awww great ending but did you have to end it there. can't we have just a littttle more?? pleaseee? lol maybe a sequel? great work. can't wait to read more of your fics.
Thank you!  So many people have been asking for a sequel that I think I will do one.   Only, it will have to wait until my present WIP  is finished.   It deals with a  'Harsh Light of Day'  Spike and I'm having fun with it.  Thank you for liking my stories!

07/13/2008 08:19 pm
Chapter 6         
Hurray!!!!! Excellent chapters!! Was kinda hoping for more beating on Angel *sigh* sadness...ah well. Great story! Love it! Love it! Love it!
Oh, thank you!  I usually do put more Angel-bashing, don't I?  But here just knowing that Buffy loves Spike seemed to be enough.

07/13/2008 02:24 pm
Chapter 6         
Your usual excellent rewrite; I always think it was a shame that you couldn't have been on the original team of writers.

I loved Regan; yes, she had to do the difficult bit at the beginning of this chapter but I'm glad combined Buffy saw that it had to be done and held no grudge as I'm not sure original Buffy would have.  I think she'd make a useful mentor for Willow, and if Tara was included too would even out many of the problems yet to come.

Please sort Xander out at some point, though; he really is an irritating git and IMHO becomes less and less necessary as the plot continues - I'd much rather they'd let Anya live and killed off Xander, and perhaps sooner rather than later...
I'd really have fought with them about Spike, that's true!  I'm so glad that you see that Regan was trying to help not harm.  I just got a review where the writer wanted Buffy to break every bone in Regan's body!  I had to defend her and am seeing her as a possible love interest for Giles.  I absolutely agree with you about Xander.  I'm so not a fan!  People are asking for a sequel to this story, and I think I'll sort Xander out there.  Thank you so much for liking the story!

07/13/2008 01:49 pm
Chapter 6         
If I were Buffy, I would break every bone in Regan's body as a warning against trying to ever kill her (and incidentally Spike) again. By the way, Regan can never teach Willow what she needs which is proper respect for others' lives. So she is of absolutely no use to Buffy and breaking her bones is the right course of action.
Regan was trying to establish what exactly Buffy was and whether separation was possible and/or  necessary.   She was only doing her duty the way she, the Council of Watchers, and Giles would see it and Buffy acknowledged that.  The way Regan would have seen it, the correct Buffy would have returned and the future Buffy restored to the Heaven she had earned.  She was definitely not trying to harm Spike, towards whom she had no malice.  The fact that she was mistaken does not diminish that she was really trying to do the right thing, which is why Buffy holds no grudges towards her.  If she had harmed Spike however, Buffy would really have broken her bones!

07/13/2008 11:32 am
Chapter 6         
okay just gotta say, one, this was a great story, and two, there will be a sequel, right?  Anya calling Napolean 'Nappie' was hilarious   Regan seems really fascinating - i loved the line about her hating stupidity ... really dry and to the point : )  i wish xander would grow up ... maybe grown up xander could trade places with young xander  even though xander and giles were a bit frustrating, you remained true to character and that is something to be admired.  You have fantastic writing skills and i am looking forward to reading more of your work in the future.  Thanks for the great fic : )
Oh, thank you so much for liking it!  I hadn't intended a sequel, but so many people are asking for one now that I think I will look into it.  The story does seem to have potential for a sequel.  But it will take some time before that gets posted because I have to first finish my present WIP, which is a long one dealing with a dimensional jump and a 'Harsh Light of Day' Spike.

07/13/2008 11:24 am
Chapter 6         
no more?!?!  i really loved this ... i like regan, she's quite a neat character.  please tell me there will be a sequal? please?
So many people are asking for one that I think I will follow up on it.  But it will take a little while because I have to finish another WIP first.  Thank you for liking this!

07/13/2008 10:07 am
Chapter 6         
Xander, Xander, Xander. Please just get over it, already. Buffy nails it here:

“Yeah, you keep stepping on her, Xander,” said Buffy. “It’s not kind. If you want a human girl, go find a human girl. If you want Anya, accept her as what she is and stop trying to change her. Grow up, for Heaven’s sake.”

This is another fine re-do from you. My only complaint is that I still want more of the story! Regan, we barely knew ye.
Thank you!  I'm so glad you liked it!  People have been telling me that they want more.  I think there's room here for a sequel.  But it will have to wait until my present WIP is finished.  That's going to be a longish one about a dimensional jump, so it might take a while!

07/15/2008 05:05 am
Chapter 5         
yes, he always has to be ridht! very good chapter, thank you.
You can always count on Spike for that.

07/13/2008 11:01 am
Chapter 5         
amazing.  liking very much!
Thank you!  I'm so glad you like it!

07/13/2008 03:59 am
Chapter 5         

another excellent chapter.   They haven't figured out that she claimed him too yet.  Maybe Giles will be the one to put that together.  Love Willow's reaction and Buffy's reaction to knowing what she should have done before.


Thank you for liking it!  I wanted to experiment with an accidental claim and wasn't sure whether it would be believable.  But reactions seem to be positive.

07/12/2008 11:32 pm
Chapter 5         
Thanks for another great chapter; I'm glad she told him before telling everyone else. 
This time I wanted the Scoobies cut out of the loop for once.  Thank you for liking it!

07/12/2008 10:00 pm
Chapter 5         
love love love!!! brilliant few chappies. you really did a fabulous job making this a good and realistic and interesting-plot-filled time travel fic so far! just, when are buffy and spiek gonna realize that the claim is reciprocated??? =P
Oh, thank you so much!  I'm so happy you like it!  Realization coming up.

07/12/2008 07:09 pm
Chapter 5         
she's being kind of stupid, there's no telling what could happen to him if he left, he could still easily be killed.  she already changed a lot, that might not even be an issue now.  all she has to do is stop herself from dying, then the first would probably not even show up.  yes, they may have been bad for each other at times, but she is the reason he was a champion and even cared to change, without that, he would probably still be a killer.  i hope she comes to her senses soon.
She's spent a year blaming herself and all she can think of now is that loving her kills him.  It's not logic.  But it's growth in that she's now willing to make sacrifices for him, instead of constantly taking.

07/12/2008 04:45 pm
Chapter 5         
I hope Buffy listens to the little voice that's telling her Spike is right.  Events do not have to repeat themselves this time.
Buffy always has to have things rubbed in!

07/12/2008 03:31 pm
Chapter 5         
This is so sweet and hot. I loved the Willow/Firoud mutual admiration society. I wonder if Xander is going to be a worse problem than in the original timeline? It's awfully funny that Buffy thinks she can weasel out of being with Spike, full on. Fate, dear girl. You captured Spike well with this:

“Only a month? Did something wrong, did I? Figures.”

Buffy's honestly trying to save Spike and thinks it's best to give him up.  But it's Fate, all right.  And the lovely thing about Spike is that he's aware of his failings and takes responsibility for them, the only one of the bunch of them in canon who does.

02/08/2015 05:46 am
Chapter 4         
really good use of sexual encounter - it fit the story just right unlike so many other times that sex is used in stories where it comes across as gratuitous sex.  

I read this story couple of times already and I am enjoying it just as much this time. 
I’ve always thought that the sex becomes more intense when it’s an essential part of the story rather than being something that wouldn’t affect the story’s plot if it was left out. Plus I wanted to explore an accidental claim so it fit right in.

06/03/2009 03:30 am
Chapter 4         
     Oh, that was bloody fantastic - I'm right pleased you wrote this! Thanks a bunch.
I wanted to explore an accidental claim.  I'm so glad you're liking it!

06/03/2009 03:30 am
Chapter 4         
     Oh, that was bloody fantastic - I'm right pleased you wrote this! Thanks a bunch.
I wanted to explore an accidental claim.  I'm so glad you're liking it!

07/15/2008 04:51 am
Chapter 4         
well that should end the slayer's plan. very good chapter, thank you.
Really puts a stake in it!

07/13/2008 10:40 am
Chapter 4         
wow. hooot.  really amazing writing.  did they claim each other?   awesomeness!
They didn't mean to, but the reactions should be fun.  I'm so glad you're liking this!

07/12/2008 10:24 am
Chapter 4         
That's how it had to happen - wild and frantic.  But the claim was unexpected!  Brilliant.
Oh, thank you so much!  I wanted to have fun with an accidental claim.

07/12/2008 05:08 am
Chapter 4         

ah but do they realize what they've done?  Love the story and the OC demons are great especially Kibble.  Excellet.


Not yet.   I'm fond of Kibble too and he'll probably turn up again.

Time of Change
07/12/2008 04:27 am
Chapter 4         
Thank you!  That's the most fun to write!

07/12/2008 01:57 am
Chapter 4         
Oh yes, things are very different this time around. Heh. Quite nice.

I'm glad Willow and Giles are coming around. I hope Joyce gets the help she needs, too

I love the twice daily updates! More, please.
Freak them both out.  I'm so glad you're liking this!  I'm just proofing the next chapter and it'll be up tomorrow.

07/12/2008 01:43 am
Chapter 4         
Hmm, my guess is he's not going anywhere anytime soon! Fabulous chapter, looking to the next!
She really meant to make him leave, but he can't now!  Thank you for liking this!

07/11/2008 11:44 pm
Chapter 4         
Great chapter. Update soon. At least Giles knows. I'm interested to see how Spuffy goes. Something tells me Spike may already be in love with her. I hope Buffy gets out of her funk soon. She needs to be happy.
Oh, thank you for liking it!  There's always consequences though and those are coming up.  I'm proofing the next chapter and it'll be up tomorrow.

08/16/2008 04:20 pm
Chapter 3         
I have a bone to pick about that  4:45PM sunset having lived in southern California for 4 years.  There was sameness all year long more about 6PM.   That timeframe is too northern.
I did research that!  Sunset on that day in that year in California is recorded as 4:45 pm, according to, which has the sunrise and sunset times for all locations in the world.  I was surprised - I too thought it would have been later, California being that much closer to the equator.

07/15/2008 04:21 am
Chapter 3         
fine read, thank you. buffy has shown her growth in everything but dealing with spike.
She's never good with emotions, always gets those mixed up!

07/13/2008 10:16 am
Chapter 3         
wow...this is really awesome!!  i love that buffy's working with the demons!  very cool!
Thank you!  I'm so glad you're liking it!  Buffy's grown up enough to know that just being a demon doesn't make one automatically harmful.

07/11/2008 08:05 pm
Chapter 3         
Hurray! Review thing fixed! Another great chapter! =] Funny dialogue between Buffy and Spike! Can't wait for the next one!
Thank you!  I'm just proofing the next chapter right now and it will be up tomorrow.

07/11/2008 07:52 pm
Chapter 3         
You did brilliantly with all the plotting for the successful mission, it was seamless.  The 'who shouldn't have risked themselves' row was so cute!
Thank you!  I'm trying to learn how to write action properly.  I'm glad you liked it!

07/11/2008 06:48 pm
Chapter 3         
Action packed! Good to see Buffy making alliances. Her plan to make Spike not care? Priceless.
Older Buffy would have grown out of the ridiculous Council mindset.  And Spike ruins everybody's plans!

07/11/2008 05:51 pm
Chapter 3         

wonderful chapter!  Great action sequence and love Buffy wanting to work WITH peaceful demons...this grey area is now something she can deal with and be a better Slayer because of.   You know Spike will love her anyway...even sooner.  Excellent.


Spike will be Spike.  We know that even if Buffy doesn't!  I'm so glad you're liking this!

07/11/2008 05:05 pm
Chapter 3         
Great chapter. Update soon. Poor Buffy. She doesn't want Spike to love her, but he's probably falling in love with her anyway. I can't wait to see what happens next.
I'm so glad you're enjoying it!  Thank you!  Everything between those two is unstoppable.

06/02/2009 11:32 pm
Chapter 2         
I have no comment, but but I am slack-jawed and bug-eyed.
Lovely reaction!    Thank you!

07/15/2008 03:57 am
Chapter 2         
fun chapter, including buffy's normal response to closeness. very good read, thank you.
She's trying, but she doesn't know what to do at this point.  I'm glad you liked it!

07/11/2008 03:26 pm
Chapter 2         
Great chapter. Update soon. I didn't expect the Spuffy this soon, but I like it. I really hope Buffy tells everyone about the time-travel soon.
Well, you know Buffy - one step forward, but then two steps back.  I'm so glad you're liking it!

07/11/2008 08:55 am
Chapter 2         
awwwe.  this is really, really, really good! im really enjoying this ... i love fics where future buffy or spike go back ... set things right. 
So do I - I keep writing them!  Thank you for liking it!

07/11/2008 03:27 am
Chapter 2         
 Well, good to see there is nothing different about THIS Buffy, that she is being true to form---Running away as usual! Thought for just a minute she, no, they, were going to have a foot forward here, but there she goes,  running AH & Elbows, all things normal! I thought the point was she'd learned some hard earned lessons... good to see that this Spike is reading people to keep and edge as always, and in this case to the point that he has a leg up on Buffy already, realizing something is off kilter.  Great read, though glad the pace picked up. Can't wait for the next chappie. 
Oh, also, Buffy's sarcasm with Andrew on the phone was brilliant!  And her looking down on her body in Stonehenge was just testament to how much she'd come not to care at all anymore.... and door # 2 needed only Monty Hall to be hysterical!
Again, looking forward to the next installment!
She's learned, but - it's still Buffy.  I couldn't resist the door # 2 thing.  You're the first one to notice the joke!
I hope you won't find Chapter 3 too slow.  It's a stage-setter.  But Chapters 4-6 will be fast and hot.
Thank you for liking it so far!

07/11/2008 02:31 am
Chapter 2         
What a wonderful beginning! Is she going to tell or keep her 'I'm from the future' status to herself? Or is she in another dimension?
She'll give herself away sooner or later and have to tell.  Nope, not another dimension.  It's Sunnydale, Season 4.

07/11/2008 01:32 am
Chapter 2         
Wow...can't wait for more!
Thank you!  The next chapter will be up tomorrow.  I'm just cleaning it up now.

07/11/2008 12:10 am
Chapter 2         
great start. loved buffy chosing spike over heaven. wondering when anyone will figure out buffy is not "there" buffy
I really think she would at this point.  I'm so glad you like this!

07/10/2008 11:45 pm
Chapter 2         
Oooooo, naughty flirting at the table! “Like spice, do you, Slayer?”
Kissage! Beating of hasty retreat! Very satisfying chapter. I wonder how long before her prescience is discovered . . .
Boy, was it fun to write!  I'm so glad you liked it!

06/02/2009 10:52 pm
Chapter 1         
     And, I'm hooked.
Oh, I'm glad you like it!  Spike's shock was fun to write!

07/15/2008 03:41 am
Chapter 1         
love it when buffy gets an opportunity to fix things. very good beginning, thank you.
Thank you for liking it!

07/10/2008 10:48 pm
Chapter 1         
oh! i LOVE time travel stories! always so sad though, cuz this spike doesnt know or love her... i can't wait to see how this one plays out!!!
I'm a hopeless romantic, so absolutely it won't be sad!  Thank you so much for liking it!

07/10/2008 08:56 pm
Chapter 1         
OOOOOO I am a sucker for go back and do it right stories.  Will be eating this up with a spoon an asking for seconds.

Yes, heaven can wait indeed.....can't wait to see how she uses her knowledge to make things right.

You are dead on about how the characters did not improve (possibly Xander in S7) over the years but became hard and bitter instead.  They were still sweetly innocent in many way at this point, even Giles.

I love time travel stories.  I'm so glad you're liking this one so far!  I do think everyone became hard and bitter, especially Giles.  I hated the way the show darkened Giles in canon!

07/10/2008 08:03 pm
Chapter 1         
Fantastic start! The Stonehenge catalyst is inspired. The back and forth with Andrew is entertaining. Fix-it Buffy is certainly going to have her hands full. Poor Spike's brain is about to take an incredible (metaphorical) beating. It should be pretty funny.
Oh, thank you!  I'm so glad you're enjoying this!  I always worry about my first chapters.  And, yes, they're both going to go through something.

07/10/2008 06:38 pm
Chapter 1         
Ohhhhh, very interesting beginning.  Must see more!  How will Buffy cope with wanting Spike so badly, but Spike not wanting or loving her at first?
Thank you!  Coming right up.  The idea of Buffy trying to cope with Spike not loving her was what drew me to this story.

07/10/2008 05:51 pm
Chapter 1         
This looks like its going to be a great story.  I love the way you described stonehenge.  One thing: its Wiccans, not Wiccas.
I'm so glad you're liking it!  The Wicca thing was Buffy being cocky.  I did write 'Wiccans' first, but it didn't look right.

07/10/2008 04:31 pm
Chapter 1         
Woohoo! Another great story!! Good good! I like that Buffy realizes how wrong it was the way she treated Spike! Hurray! Looking forward to the rest!
Oh, thank you!  I too hated the way Buffy treated Spike in canon.

07/10/2008 04:24 pm
Chapter 1         
Great start.  Love your stories and am looking forward to another wonderful one!
Thank you!  I'm so glad you like my work!  I'm still learning and that's wonderful to hear!

07/10/2008 03:29 pm
Chapter 1         
love time travel stories, looking forward to this one
Thank you!  I love time travel too.  I hope you like the rest!

07/10/2008 02:06 pm
Chapter 1         
A smashing start - I love go back and fixit fics.
Oh, thank you so much!  I'm so glad you like it!  I love fixit fics too - can't stand the way they left things on the show.

07/10/2008 01:31 pm
Chapter 1         
Great story so far. Please update soon. Time-travel fics are my favorite, and I can't wait to see what happens in yours. I hope everyone finds out soon. It'll be cool to see their reactions.
I'm so glad you're liking it!  Chapter 2 will be up this afternoon.   I love time-travel fics too.

07/10/2008 01:24 pm
Chapter 1         
Well done!
Thank you!  I'm so glad you like it!