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Chapter: Chp 43 Life was Beautiful Then

01/25/2013 11:13 am
 I digg a lot of the references you made here, but I've got such a soft spot for cole porter.

06/01/2010 11:07 pm
Oh now THIS was worth getting the computer up and working again!!!!
YAY that our Agnes is famous (I think he did not lie personally).  The darling had a lifetime of service to others and her unlife isn't that different.  As Darla said, what you are informs who you become as a vampire....just as Spike was defined by love, Aggie is by service.

Love the use of showtunes...I think it fitting for our girl.

Mutual friend who might return.... Richard??  Whoot that would be wonderful ahem ... at least for Agnes.

I adored Fred and Ginget flicks and her gowns were always fabulous...I especially loved the one she wore in The Gay Divorcee while dancing the Continental ....I always wanted one just like it.

This was a delight from start to finish and perfectly gave us a glimpse into other pockets of Sunnydale during the dancing/singing spell.

 Thank goodness you approve.  I found this really hard to write but once I had it fixed in my mind that Sweet would have had a cup of tea before he started work, everything fell into place!  And yes, Agnes and Fred and Ginger just go together so well!

05/15/2010 09:41 am
Wow! Just read all of this story, and it is not often to find fics that are this intelligent and charming. Agnes is an interesting charachter, and it is a very nice twist to keep her in the fringes of the original story. But after reading on for a while, I am missing her being gradually more involved, to keep it from becoming just a rerun of the show from the sidelines. I think the story would profit from going a little AU. I keep hoping she will be closer involved with Giles, it could be a natural development. And it would be nice if she offered Buffy a job at the shop, in stead of at Double Meat. Off course, Agnes would not like to have her there, but if Dawn worked there as well, she could give them the possibility to spend time together, while earning money.. And sweet Agnes seem to be willing to sacrifice almost anything for her friends.. And both Buffy and Giles could learn something about vampires and diversity from Agnes

Anyhow, I hope you will keep writing this fic, it is very original and well written, thank you!
 Glad you enjoyed the story to date.  The problems you raise have been said to me before.  I've always said that this is Agnes' story as it touches Sunnydale.  She has already altered lots of things - telliong Spike about Riley and the vampires, weakening Buffy's coffin so she can get out,  teaching Andrew to cook, etc.  What I may do is write a Christmas special where the story goes AU.  What do you think?

05/14/2010 12:47 am
I can just picture dear Agnes at the tennis club dance!  She's not having a very happy time lately, is she, the poor dear.  Great to see Sweet again.
 Thank you.  Yes, her life is difficult at the moment.

05/13/2010 04:22 pm
Aw that's so sweet. (Oops - Pun not intended) Poor Agnes having to relive her fantasy - and having to accept it was ever only that. Love the reference to the mustard man... and I'm assuming the 'mutual acquaintance' is Richard Wilkins III? I thought he was all "Mayor meat - extra crispy"?
 Thank you so much for reviewing.  Well, I've never really believed that he was gone for good.  A demon that powerful?  No - to  me it was just his body - he'll be baaaacck!

05/13/2010 09:20 am
I'm so glad Aggie was able come away from her encounter with Sweet without burning up. Loved learning more about Aggie's past. Good update!
 Thank you so much.  It was hard to write this one but hope it told a little more about Agnes.

05/13/2010 06:56 am
Thanks for bringing us another new chapter so soon.  You never disappointment me, each new chapter is a waited for event and a pleasure when it arrives. 

Sad memories but so like real life - all those "what if's" that can haunt us if we are not as strong as your Agnes.

Sorry that she has lost such a good friend and a relationship that helped sustain her in her vampire life. 

Great use of Sweet and Big WOW on the potential coming back of Dear Richard if that is the mutual friend. 

NICE added touch with the musical theme with the young children without their parent and the "fear" references  and the ending of "new life and making needed changes."  excellent.

I love the Rogers and Astaire films and have the songs from several of their films.
 Delighted you enjoyed the chapter.  it took so long to get it rightish and I wanted people to enjoy it but also realise that Agnes has problems of her own.  Yes, Dear Richard,  well - I've never believed he was properly gone, so we will wait and see!

I have all the Rogers and Astaire films on DVD.  Wonderful.

05/13/2010 06:00 am
Ah, Sweet has come to town, and even messed with poor Agnes.

05/13/2010 03:19 am
Loved Agnes as Ginger Roger.  That was marvelous.
 Thank you so much. I liked the picture, too!