Business as usual by Lilachigh
Chapter: 55 Christmas Special 2012

02/09/2013 05:46 am
I missed reading this one for Christmas - well, as Agnes would say "better late than never" - Great to learn how the met.  Love the description of how she was buried. 

I love your Agnes. 

01/25/2013 07:44 pm
    A little anti-climactic, (but like I said, the last chapter felt like an end)Bthough interesting all the same.

01/07/2013 02:02 am
AHHHH How they met!  A perfect way to end her tale.  Yes the later to be mayor would have loved Agnes and her domestic skills.  He was very old fashioned in his own way.  I can easily see him becoming quite attracted.  

I loved the echo of the illegal alien worker's plight with the vampires working at the laundry.  A similar situation of abuse and slavery and no where to turn for justice.  Nicely done indeed.  I can see our Agnes not standing for it!

I'm going to miss her and her story.  I'd like to think of her out there somewhere in England (maybe near the new Watchers Council so Giles can drop in for a cuppa) raising her brood and proving that monsters are made and not born and that a soul is not the measure of a being!

Excellent start to finish!
Thank you so much for all your lovely long and detailed reviews.  So appreciated.  You have been one of Agnes Kathleen Pringle's greatest fans - life-long member of Aggie's army!

She has been a joy to write - quite often I felt I was just reporting what had actually happened rather than writing a story.  And so Agnes is going to take the children to England.  I don't think the cottage that Richard provided will be big enough, though.  I can definitely see her on the outskirts of Bath somewhere, running a bed and breakfast establishment for transient vampires and demons.

Mind you, as has already been said by someone echoing other thoughts of mine - there is a big hotel standing empty in Los Angeles........

Do hope your New Year will be a little more peaceful than the last.

sister cuervo
01/06/2013 01:57 pm
I have throughly enjoyed this lovely story!  Agnes is such a delight and of course, It Wasn't Her Fault she became a vampire, but she did meet her dear friend Richard.  I really loved seeing the Sunnydale action through the eyes of Agnes.  I picture her as looking a bit like June Whitfield (Mother on Absolutely Fabulous). 
Thank you so much for reviewing.  Delighted you have enjoyed Agnes' story.  It is odd how many people see her in such different ways.  That's the magic of the written word, of course.  Thank you once agai.

01/03/2013 03:36 pm

I loved it!  Agnes is such a dear.  Thank you for an Agnes Christmas present.

So glad you enjoyed it.  Hope all well in your world.

12/20/2012 01:24 am
black handbag had been hooked over her arm and so came up through the soil with her. - Roaring with laughter.  

Loved it!
Thank you!  Agnes wouldn't have  been happy without her handbag.  Happy Christmas to you and yours!