Strange Times by Zoya
Chapter: Dream a little dream

09/21/2006 06:29 pm
I loved Buffy’s dream and her reaction to it. Such a fascinating start to the story.

09/18/2006 03:09 pm
Really liked the dream sequence. Looking forward to seeing where you take this...

09/18/2006 06:22 am
wonderful beginning. thank you. love buffy's dream.

09/18/2006 04:22 am
Mmmm, I have dreams about Spike like that all the time, hehe

09/18/2006 03:40 am
A great start, I especially loved that Spike DID cope a feel during that scene. This is the first time anyone's mentioned it in any story that I've read before. Since that wasn't a slayer dream, and one of her own, wondering when she's going to wait to see first hand, what Spike can make it feel like. Going to read ch.2. Thanks for the fun read.

09/18/2006 02:31 am buffy just had her own version of spike's dream in "Out of my mind"...great opening, pet...looking forward to more

09/18/2006 01:19 am
oh very nice. I like this. Can't wait for more.

09/18/2006 01:12 am
Excellently hot, Zoya. Loved the parts where Spike talks to himself. Hope there's more.