Meet the Pratts by Verity Watson
Chapter: Ch. 3: Gallery

10/29/2009 04:43 am

'...He eats small town American's for lunch" could possibly be THE best line I've read on this site!!!

01/30/2008 12:23 pm
Very enjoyable ficcan't wait to read the rest!

06/23/2007 10:22 pm their conversation, very interesting :)

02/06/2007 06:39 am
So she's not afraid. That's interesting. Can't wait to see what he's going to do about that. Poor Buffster, can't catch a break. Thanks for the read, really enjoying it.

02/05/2007 09:06 pm
I love how casual Spike was about answering her questions seperating fact from myth about vampires. Again I was stroke by how cavalier he was about the whole thing. I'm worried that her not having the money to pay for school may lead to some bad decisions on her part, as she already has admitted to not being interested in being the good, safe girl anymore.

02/05/2007 06:52 am
Great story, can't wait to read more.
Thanks, Inzey!

02/05/2007 06:45 am
How did I miss this one at BSC? Anyway, I'm totally giggling at what you've got here so far. It's so cute! Who wouldn't be drawn into Spike like this?

Poor is way too damn expensive when you don't have rich parents or a full ride.
Hey, glad you like it!

02/05/2007 05:37 am
I absolutely love the two new updates! So glad that Buffy wasn't scared away from Spike and that they're becoming friends. Also like that Willow's the knowledgable one about the supernatural while Buffy's in the dark, so to speak. Can't wait for more!
Glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for the review!

Spikes Slayer2
02/05/2007 04:28 am
hmm... good updates i like i like... bit off canon but i still like :D
Canon? Hmmm ... I've heard that word before, but I seemed to have completely forgotten the meaning. ;)

02/05/2007 02:57 am
awww...poor buffy...and i love her and spike talking about vampires...excellent chapter, love :)