Finding William Pratt by Verity Watson
Chapter: Ch. 1: The Bridge

09/23/2007 03:16 am
Glad that Buffy used the money Spike gave her. She's an artist now with her own life [but alone].
Interesting start to this sequel.
Thanks - and yup, Buffy is grown up and has done pretty well with that check from Spike.

05/10/2007 03:00 am
excellent opening, thanks for the fine read.

05/08/2007 05:10 am
So excited to see this sequel! Just read "Meet the Pratts" last week, so finding this was like you read my mind.

Ooh, danger, character development, great red boots, a mystery in the making and (dare I say it) the promise of a future Spike sighting? Sign me up!
Thanks, Scarlett! So glad you liked it ... and Spike will be appearing momentarily!

05/08/2007 02:15 am
Ooooh, nice start. Dead co-eds,huh?
Thanks slayme! And yup, dead co-eds. Dead blonde co-eds. Read into that what you will ...

05/08/2007 12:50 am
Wow, talk about changing someones life around. Liked how you'd incorporated both Parker and Scott into this life, parallel to canon. So Spike is killing petite blonds? Really excited about this sequel any news on the one for "Instant Sun"? Thanks, looking forward to more.
Hey, Verda - thanks! And the sequal for Instant Sun is in the works, too ...

05/07/2007 08:24 pm
hmm! This has an interesting beginning. Looking forward to more.
Thanks, BT! Glad you enjoyed.

05/07/2007 07:06 pm
More. I want more.

Great beginning, looking forward to seeing Spike again.
He'll be here shortly! Thanks for the review.

05/07/2007 05:46 pm
Would Spike be keeping an eye on her? :)

He's in that town, now, at any rate. And can't get her out of his head.....
You're not wrong ... but you'll have to wait & see! *Grins*