Finding William Pratt by Verity Watson
Chapter: Ch. 3: Halo Cafe

09/23/2007 03:33 pm
“You’re not the same girl I met in Los Angeles, Buffy Summers.”

Great idea to have Buffy photograph Spike. He wants it because he has no reflection.

Thanks - I had Spike photograph Buffy in another fic, so this felt like turnabout!

05/22/2007 02:06 am
excellent read, thank you. way to build a bit of tension.

05/21/2007 05:37 am
I loved the first Pratts story and I'm loving this sequel. You manage to give that edge of grit, without dirt.

05/18/2007 06:48 pm
Great chapter.

05/18/2007 03:08 am
I think I liked this chapter...It sorta went outside my comfot zone, adn I'm trying to figure out exactly _why_, since you didn't really go anywhere that tends to freak me out. But I really like the story, I'm curious to have you describe the photos she took...(Where's she going to develop them - I don't think the hotel will appreciate developer in the bathroom...)

05/18/2007 03:05 am
Buffy has grown up,hasn't she? Still loving this fic.

Pam S
05/18/2007 01:55 am
Left it at the good part....Shame


05/18/2007 01:13 am
Love the rhythm of this chapter. Like a wonderful film noir. All glimpses and tension. Very erotic the picture taking. Can just imagine Buffy developing these pictures, one by one. Great job!

05/18/2007 12:08 am
Whoo! That was hot. This Spike is such an enigma!

05/17/2007 11:40 pm
All your writing is amazing, but I'm really enjoying this one. Please update soon!