Storm by SinisterChic
Chapter: Ch 1

06/22/2008 11:37 pm
I've never reviewed a summary before but yours caught my attention, I thought ohh, something exciting and different to read.
I figure any writer who can get me interested in their story with just a short paragraph is well worth reading, please post more soon.

05/17/2008 02:43 am
now that you have our attention. more, please. very good beginning.

05/14/2008 03:27 am
Very interesting start. Buffy as a waitress? Living a "normal" life? Spike is human, but more than human? Time travel to the past? Oh yeah, very interesting start. 

05/14/2008 01:30 am
Interesting beginning.  i wonder who Hope belongs to as she seems very dear to Spike.  Interesting future they got themselves caught in

05/13/2008 09:57 pm
Great start!  Looking forward to following this one.  I love Terminator and this would play well with that sort of plot jump off.


05/13/2008 09:11 pm
wow great start. and great idea so far

05/13/2008 05:26 pm
I'm so intrigued and a little on the verge of tears because Spike has to leave Hope and Willow's going to die for it all. I'm also very confused but in a good way. You've written the emotion really well and definetly got me trying to figure this all out, write more!

05/13/2008 05:07 pm
Good first chapter. Can't wait for more ^_^