Awakenings by dreamweaver
Chapter: Chapter 3

06/09/2008 06:41 am
"navel-gazing" indeed. for a watcher, giles often did not seem to be aware of what was going on around him. when he was aware, he fell back on rote learning, not  his  ability to process  knowledge. very glad spike has found "all the heaven he ever wanted." sure hell is going to pop up for at least a visit. very good read, thank you.
Giles was so often blind and, as you say, kept falling back on rote learning.  This is an intelligent man; surely he should be able to think for himself.  Path of true love never runs smooth, does it?  Thank you for liking this!

06/05/2008 06:28 pm
Great scene with Giles!!!  Spike was right. A Watcher going through life with his eyes closed, never seeing what's in front of him. Willow was right, back in "Something Blue" when she did her "my will be done" spell. Giles truly is blind. But Spike has opened his eyes now, just hope it isn't to late. ???

Hot, Hot, Hot!!!  Lot of heat, lot of steam!!! Spike is in heaven!!!  But, I'm having a problem with Buffy's attitude. I have this bad feeling that when Spike realizes that he is being used it will break his heart.

Don't know? Hope I'm wrong. Have to read the next chapter to find out??? 

Love this story!!!
Hey, you caught that - that she's using him.  I hoped people would pick up that edge to it!  And Giles should have called in a mentor for Willow right after she did that "my will be done" spell.  Talk about being dumb!  I'm so glad you're liking it!

06/05/2008 03:11 am
Wow!  Thank you!  Next chapter will be up tomorrow.

06/04/2008 11:57 pm
Brilliant chapter!  A virtuoso turn from Spike with Giles - he was never more eloquent - then the most delicious kissing followed by a sizzler!!  I like Happy Buffy.
Thank you so much!  Spike would be eloquent when he's trying to keep Buffy safe and the last part was so much fun to write!

06/04/2008 11:28 pm
Oh so very hot and tender!  Love this chapter.  She really took Spike by surprise by this clear headed decision of hers.  I think she came back completely sane LOL.

She really sees him as an individual and that is wonderful for oth of them.

Spike was both right and brave to go to Giles that way.  Glad he made his point!  Giles needs to really take off the blinders and see him too.


Oh, I'm so glad you liked it!  She's learning.  But she's got a few steps left to go yet.

06/04/2008 09:17 pm
Willow should've been taken in hand when she did the "my will be done" spell at the very latest.

Great chappie.
Oh, I agree!  Giles should have looked for someone to teach her right then.  I'm so glad you're enjoying this!

06/04/2008 07:43 pm
Yummy on all counts - I've been longing for someone to be brought over from the UK to see to Willow (in my fantasies she's called Ghislaine and is really me...) but thank goodness you haven't gone the dysfunctional way of the series with the romance - more please and as soon as possible.
You'd have thought Giles would have called someone over, wouldn't you?  I'm so glad you're liking this!  Thank you!

06/04/2008 07:15 pm
Oh man - finish the rest!  Post the rest!  I can't wait to read the rest!!!
Oh, thank you for liking it!  Chapter 4 will be up tomorrow; I'm just cleaning it up now.