Awakenings by dreamweaver
Chapter: Chapter 4

06/09/2008 07:04 am
very good chapter. "Another step forward..." she is slowly getting there.
This story for me was about the slow stages of awakening.  Some people wanted more plot, but the emotional arc here was too delicate to carry much of that.  I'm so glad that you like it!

06/06/2008 07:42 am
soooo good! i love it.
Oh, thank you!

06/06/2008 05:59 am
GOD...I love the way you write!!!  I am in awe of you and your stories AND this amazing talent you have at plucking our heartstrings.  It is really quite extraordinary.  Your style reminds me of one of the greatest writes in this genre right now...Herself.  You both make magic with words and I feel extremely lucky that I get to experience that.  So...umm, yeah sorry to go on like that...just felt the need to share.  **blushes**

Regarding this story, while I already know what TV Buffy is like and what she did during this season, I find myself full of empathy for this Buffy.  I really hope that the wonderful Spike that you have written here can convince her that he is worth it...because he SO is...

I can't wait for more.
Oh, wow!  Thank you so much!  I think Herself is fantastic and I read and reread her stories.  I'm still a new writer and it took me a year to get up enough courage to post.  I never thought anyone would ever think I was even close to her standard!  I'm so glad you're enjoying this!

06/06/2008 03:53 am

Seems she's doing a better job of focusing her anger.  Love how she's slowly starting to make realizations...

Where it deserves to be, right?   And she's finally getting herself together.

06/06/2008 12:35 am
Small steps but at least in the right direction.

Loved the blow up with Xander, Willow and Buffy....all cards are on the tale now, no question about motives and actions.  This is essential if it's ever to get fixed.

Giles was wonderfully understanding for once...actually seeing Spike and knowing he loves Buffy and feeling sympathy for it not being returned.  Much better than canon idiot with blinders.  He also sees the danger of WIllow AND Xander and that's good as well.

Loved that Buffy told Dawn, that gave SPike such joy to not be a dark dirty secret (always hated that).

Nice she is admitting it is HIM not just a male convenient body...good first step.

All those secrets were never good.  And I like the sensible, understanding Giles of the earlier seasons.  The show messed with everybody's characters in Season 6 and never quite recovered by the end of S7.
I really hated Buffy being ashamed of Spike!
(This ended up so slight a story that I almost didn't post it.  It gave me trouble because I kept trying to put more story and weight into it.  But the emotional arc was so simple and clean that anything I did messed it up and for me that was what was important.  I'm so relieved that people seem to like it anyway.)

06/05/2008 11:57 pm
I love season 6, warts and all, but I think in some ways this is even better.  I like Buffy with more self-awareness even if she is still committing mistakes (similar or not).  It angered me (and still does somewhat) that after what Buffy went through she was left on her own and didn't really have one person truly backing her up or supporting her.  I love that you have someone there for her and that it is Spike (and now to a degree Giles) is wonderful.  It works so well.  Thanks for the wonderful update.
I honestly don't think anyone could be as blind as the show insisted on making her.  This is an intelligent woman, for heaven's sake!  And I hated the Scoobies leaving her on her own right away like that.  On the show, Spike tried to support her, from 'Afterlife' to 'OMWF'.   But once their relationship started, Buffy refused to accept anything but darkness from him, even though he wanted to give her more.

06/05/2008 10:53 pm
Well done
Thank you!

06/05/2008 10:27 pm
Fantastic chapter had everything. Scoobie slapdown, lots of smoochies and bittersweet spuffy. Loved it.
Thank you!  I'm so glad you liked it!

06/05/2008 08:38 pm
Heaven and Hell, at the same time. I was affraid of that.

Great scene at the Magic Box. All the "Truths" are out now.
(Love Anya, she does deserve better.)
(Willow "is" going to get angry. Can't wait!!!)

Loved the interaction between Spike and Buffy. The feelings are there, she just needs to let them out and feel them.
Buffy, as usual, denying.  Last chapter tomorrow.  I'm just cleaning it up now.

06/05/2008 08:06 pm
Poor Spike . But I'm glad that Giles has recognized that he does have feelings to be hurt at long last. And Buffy has made some progress.
Everybody is starting to wake up.  I'm so glad you're liking this!

06/05/2008 06:28 pm
I will give you one million dollars if you finish and post chpt 5 today. 

Well ok - I won't because I don't have a million dollars - but seriously I cannot wait to see how you tie up all these loose ends.  Please tell me it involves kicking Willow and Xander's butts all the way down the street.

Wow!  Thank you for thinking it's worth a million bucks!  I'm just cleaning up Chapter 5 now and I'll have it up by morning.

06/05/2008 04:44 pm
Ooh - I get to write the first review this time!

OK; waiting for the explosion from Willow that's bound to come (hope the mentor arrives soon or someone could get flayed...) and a bit sad that B's not emotionally involved yet, but I guess that's in Chapter 5 (please tell me it's in chapter 5...).  This instalment has a lot of sex ('I think this bit's mainly filler...') but it has started to move Spike and Buffy's relationship along and, hey, let's face it, we all like a bit of spice in our fan fic.

Can't wait for the dénouement - roll on tomorrow!
With me, it's the emotional arc that's the meat and the rest that's the filler.   (I usually have more story.  Here, the story ended up so slight that I was honestly hesitating about posting it.  But since there were some good scenes, I decided to let it take its chances.)