Awakenings by dreamweaver
Chapter: Chapter 5

06/12/2009 08:03 am
Now this would have been a perfect season six.
I always wondered why the heck Buffy came back numb most of the time, not angry. And then when she finally let out the anger, it was on one of the two people who didn't pull her out of heaven.
You also kept the whole Buffy using Spike to feel thing, but did it in a less nasty way. She was still using him, but not being nasty about it. It still hurt him emotionally, but she didn't beat on him and wasn't overtly cruel. Then there was a happy ending that made everything great. lol
And go Anya! She got her stones back, for lack of a better term. It's kind of funny that she had to lose her all important soul to become a stronger, more self assured person. It just shows that their fixation about souls is completely off base. It seems to me that a soul controls remorse and concience, not feelings. You can be a perfectly good 'person' without a soul, which gets proven over and over and over. Not only with Spike, but with the other good demons in the show (Clem, Lorne, etc).
I like what you brought up with Willow; I never really saw magic as her addiction, but power. Magic gave her that power, but it was her desire to control everything that really sent her over the edge. You expressed that well here, along with the caring, kind characteristics of Tara that were sometimes glossed over in the show (a lot of the time they only used her in regards to Willow, not her own character.
And the idea you had with the consequences makes a lot of sense. One of the whole ideas of Wicca and white magic is that everything you do comes back on you threefolds (karma). The spell needed to take a life for it to work, which means a life should have been owed. Since it was Willow who took the life, it stood to reason that she should have to pay the price...and usually that price isn't their own death, but something that they love the most.
And Spikelus- Epic Win
Wow, that was one long review. To sum it all up...awesome story!
Love long reviews!   It didn't make sense to me that Buffy should be numb instead of angry and I hated her taking it out on Spike who was innocent, instead of the truly guilty ones, the Scoobies.  Canon consistently refused to let Buffy think.  Sometimes I wanted to hit her over the head with a two by four, she was made to be so bigoted and dumb!
That soul thing!  It always gets me so mad, which is why I write about it so much.  Spike, Anya, Clem, Lorne all act better, care and suffer so much more than any of the souled characters who so often act meanly or nastily, even causing deaths like Xander in OMWF, but are never ever called on it.  It's not whether you have a soul that counts, but how you act - with or without one.
I agree about Willow - power was her addiction, not magic.  Magic isn't some kind of drug, like the show suggested. It's a tool like any other which Tara uses responsibly, but Willow doesn't.  And I was aware of the karma concept in white magic.  Willow bought Buffy's life with another life - a fawn's.  Not nearly enough and, besides, it came trusting her.  That shot horrified me.  It was so wrong.  I don't think the show's writers even thought of Tara's death as a payback.  They meant it as a reason for Willow to go to the dark side.  But that was how it seemed to me - a consequence to the resurrection spell, the debt that Willow owed.
I couldn't resist that 'Spikelus' line!  It just suited.    I'm so glad you enjoyed the story!  Thank you!

11/18/2008 07:24 pm
That was sooo good, love your stories. Btw, as the dork i am i laughed for 4 minutes because of the "Spikelus" line someone made...
I'm so glad you like my stories!  Thank you!  I couldn't resist that 'Spikelus' line.  Thank you for enjoying it!

06/30/2008 02:36 pm
Awww. That was so bloody cute! I loved it. Your a really talented writer... especially in the smutty scenes!!
I'm so glad you liked it!  Thank you!  Those smutty scenes are the most fun to write!

06/10/2008 02:59 am
that story was FANTASTIC!!  I absolutely LOVED it!!
Thank you!  I'm so glad you enjoyed it!  Writing Spuffy is so much fun and it's lovely when people like it!

Pam S
06/09/2008 01:31 pm
 Loved it .. made me cry..
Oh, thank you!  I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

06/09/2008 11:35 am
Just read this i one go - and it was absolutely stunningly amazing! Every word, every chapter was perfect. Everyone got their just desserts. Look forward to whatever you bring next.
Wow!  Thank you so much!  I'm working on the next.

06/09/2008 07:25 am
loved the end of of this fun tale. thank you.
Thank you!  I'm delighted that you liked it!

06/08/2008 01:17 am
I loved it!  Especially the way Buffy finally got mad at the others' constant interference in her life and told them off.  Well done!  (Too ba they did not do that in the show.)
I really wished she had told them off!   That's why I wrote it here.  I'm so glad that  you liked it!  Thank you!

06/07/2008 12:24 pm
Excellent chapter absolutely loved it. Gonna miss this fic.
Thank you!  I'm writing more.

06/07/2008 06:36 am
I love this tory, The end was so good and spike and buffy are so cute together!
Thank you so much!  I think they really do belong together.  I'm so glad you liked it!

06/07/2008 03:02 am
Great story!! Thank you for all your hard work.
It isn't work.  It's pure fun!  Thank you for liking it!

06/07/2008 02:39 am
i love this story. i got some pretty bad news when i was like halfway through reading it but it just made me wanna read it more an forget an it helped me do that, so thanks. awsome job =D
I'm so glad it could do so!  Thank you so much for liking my story!  And I hope things go better.

06/07/2008 12:50 am
Star turn by Anya, her comment about Xander having it easy was so true!  I'd never thought of that before.  The git got off lightly.  And Willow needs to stay gone a very long time.   It was all very delicious.  True love for Spike and Buffy  - her realisation was perfect.  You've excelled yourself with this one.
I really wanted Anya to walk out on Xander, after the way he always treats her.  I'm so glad you liked this!  I was worried about it because it was such a slight story.  Thank you!

06/06/2008 09:44 pm
Fantastic ending.

I wanted to applaud Anya's speech because she made so much sense. Willow and Xander really needed to be smacked down.
I really wanted Anya to walk out on Xander, after the way he constantly treats her.  And Willow should have pulled up short long ago.  The whole soul thing seemed wrong to me.  It's how you use that soul that matters -- the character of the person.  And to my mind, Spike is a better person than anyone else on the whole show.

I'm so glad you liked the story!  Thank you!

06/06/2008 08:42 pm
A great conclusion as usual, but I'd have loved you to go on .  I was so glad that Buffy realised that Spike was the better man and claimed him, though; thank goodness for that!

Roll on the next story...
It was too slight a story to continue long.  I almost didn't post it, worrying about that.  But I'm working on another right now.

Thank you for liking it!  I'm so glad about that!

06/06/2008 05:36 pm
Fabulous!!  I loved everything thing in this conclusion, especially Buffy's revelations about her feelings for Angel and Spike.  Thanks for this great story!!
Oh, I'm so glad you liked it!  Thank you so much!

06/06/2008 03:44 pm
“He’s got something that takes the place of one. The ability to love, maybe. Profoundly, unselfishly, unconditionally.”  Oh well said!  Yes, I understand the help a soul can give in realizing right from wrong and potential consequences but as has been pointed out many times quite well fully souled humans prove that means NOTHING.  The CHARACTER of the being has to WISH to choose wisely, want to make right choices.  You can have multiple souls but without that desire you have evil (insert regular examples such as Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, etc).  You can have a being such as soulless Spike who can always TRY to make right choices and frequently get it abit wrong without the soul but could be helped in those choices since he desired to be a "better man" for Buffy.  The CHARACTER is what truly matters.

Lovely story.  Love how the mention of bringing Angel back in the picture made her reexamine her feelings for Angel and finally admit her love for Spike.  Nicely done!

Another treasure from you.  Hope your bunny hutch is full of stories!

I think that's why we all love Spike so much.  That character of his that loves and tries so hard and is a better person than anybody else on the show.  I'm so glad you liked this!  I'm working on the next one right now.

06/06/2008 03:00 pm
*applauds madly*  Just love your fics; so angsty, so schmoopy, so PERFECT!  *flails*  Can't wait to see your next one; love that Willow realized that Tara was the price to pay; wish you'd allowed Anya to curse Xander tho; that would have been the icing on the cake!  Bravo!!!
Oh, thank you so much!  Even though canon made it seem an accident, Tara really was the price.  And what Anya would have done to Xander would have been too horrible even for him.  But now he'll have to think of her having all those org*sms -- with vamps!-- without him.   I'm so glad you liked this!  Working on the next.