Business as usual by Lilachigh
Chapter: Chp 24 No Looking Back

06/17/2014 10:26 am
Great reading your wonderful Agnes again - 

07/19/2008 03:33 am

WOW - wonderful Pringle variation -

 Thank you!

07/07/2008 09:48 am
Both heartrending and heartening.  It brought tears to my eyes along with memories of my own true friends in times of sorrow.
True friends, the family of the Heart.
You showed, once again, how selfless true friends are, to totally put their own needs on hold when the need arises.
Here's to you, LH!

 I think  friendship is one of the corner stones of the whole Buffy verse.  I just want to show that vampires can be friends, as well as lovers and "turned family".  

Thank you for reviewing. I always wait to see what you think of each chapter.

07/06/2008 07:57 pm
Poor Agnes, the absolute example od pure friendship.  Lovely character; and I hope that she does have a happy ending at some point - she so deserves it!
 Well, she has a long way to go and she still hasn't met Buffy officially!    There is a long summer to get through, too.  Hope to update soon.  Thank you so much for taking the time to review. Much appreciated.

07/06/2008 03:44 pm
Oh, Agnes, you are a good woman.  Great FITB of what happened to Spike after the fall.  I look forward to more!
 So glad you enjoyed it.  More very soon, I hope!

07/04/2008 01:12 pm
Oh poor Agnes, never to come first with someone. Just like Spike. What a precious person she is, despite her unfortunate 'condition'. I can see her becoming very important to Dawn in the coming summer.
 Glad you are enjoying the story. Yes, these next few summer months are going to be interesting for all concerned.

07/03/2008 08:28 pm
Agnes is just terrific - and she wants to take care of Spike!!Aaawwww, bless her.  I'm glad someone is looking out for him.
 Delighted you are still enjoying the story.  She's going to have her work cut out for her during the long summer months ahead.

07/03/2008 06:20 am
that is so the agnes you have created. very good chapter, thank you.
 Delighted you are enjoying it. Thank you for reading and reviewing every time.

07/03/2008 06:17 am
This was another wonderful look into who Aggie is, and what makes her such a fascinating character. I simply loved reading all the different thoughts that were playing out in her head. Fantastic chapter!
 Thank you so much. Delighted you are enjoying the story.  I was trying to make it clear that although Agnes is interested in the apocalypse and sad about Dawn, she is a vampire and so not involved emotionally.  And as she ignored Buffy's body, I think we know how she feels about the Slayer!

07/03/2008 05:24 am
Oh I'm so glad that Agnes is staying, I love the charater, she is a sweet little vamp! I will miss this story when you are done. I can't wait for another installment, this is  very original fic, I'm so glad you thought of it.
 So pleased you are enjoying it.  Won't be finishing just yet. We've quite a long way to go yet.  And as long as the readers don't forget that Agnes is a vampire, I'll be happy.,

07/03/2008 03:38 am
Interesting twist - I thought Agnes was going to have a Jane=Austen-move to the country cottage kind of moment. 
 Well, she won't give up the cottage.  She might need it in the future!  And luckily the money will come in handy.....

07/03/2008 01:11 am
Oh, Agnes.... such a love. 
 Glad you enjoyed the chapter. Oh and by the way, the final version of No More Mr Nice Guy is up on my LJ site.  Thank you once again for all the help you gave me with this story and hope you like it.

07/02/2008 11:50 pm
Meant to say that I LOVE the term unturned!  How perfectly wonderful and exactly as a vampire POV would see it!


07/02/2008 11:48 pm
OH lovely simply lovely and perfectly Agnes.  Naturally she would put her friends needs first.  I find myself wishing this were canon for many reasons (not just adoration of our girl either).  Poor Spike was so destroyed at the end of the Gift and Agnes is right to doubt anyone of the group would have given him a thought (and he was badly injured too).  At least here he has someone to help and comfort him.

Love the back story on her romance with Wilkins...I can just see them both laughing at Marmaduke cartoons in the newpapers and playing Scrabble.  I can understand her reasoning too and wish there would be someone for her.  She deserves friends and love.

Just wonderful and smile inducing and yet you capture the pathos of that night at the tower too.  Fabulous job!

 Hi Kathleen, so glad you enjoyed the chapter.  I wanted to show Agnes putting her friend first but also needed to have her uninvolved with the apocalypse because although she is a different vampire, she is not human.  She is sad about Dawn, but mainly for Spike's sake, and I hope that by my completely ignoring the body, it shows she isn't the slightest bit bothered about Buffy's death.   

I don't want readers to lose sight of Vampire Agnes.

Pleased you enjoyed the flashbacks to her life with Richard Wilkins.  I adore the Mayor!  But I do think she does need to come first with someone. She is so romantic at heart!

Thank you once again for reviewing, oh, and glad you like the Unturned!   Made sense to me that vampires would have their own vocabulary!

07/02/2008 11:27 pm
Ok, so here I am, doing dishes, minding my own business, and the thought comes to mind..."All her customers whose likes and dislikes she now knew so well: the demons who couldn’t eat nuts, ,,,"  and I wonder if a demon who can't eat nuts eats a person who just ate a PB&J, would the demon have a reaction?  And then I wonder if Vampires have allergies, and if they drink a person who recently consumed whatever they're sensitive to, what happens?  What if the person drank Holy Water? 
I just had to come tell you where you sent my mind today...

Oh - and I liked Agnes referring to "the Unturned."  It is at once a prim, sort of fussy little way to reference what is normally called a human, and an affirmation that perhaps some demons are as much people as any human is.  Also makes it seem sort of like an affliction - "Unturned" sort of like people used to refer to lepers as "Unclean."

I should go finish those dishes... 
 Ha!  Your mind and mine are obviously related!  Watch out for a chapter during this long summer break between episodes when food poisoning hits the demon world!

Somehow vampires having a name for humans seems quite normal to me.  If there are rules and regulations and prophecies, then their own vocabulary must be considered as well.

By the way, have you got an LJ?  So much easier to chat over there - and you get to read Agnes first!

07/02/2008 10:25 pm
oh no!!!  I"m glad Spike has help, but ... I wish Agnes hadn't stopped the car.  At least she still has the house in England, even if she isn't going just yet. 
You'd best not make her give that up!!!  *stern face*
 Don't worry, Agnes is far too level-headed to give up her cottage.  It's going to come in handy during the summer months ahead!  After all, we don't really know exactly what everyone did "last summer" do we?

07/02/2008 09:58 pm
You, girl, are awesome!!!!!  Your writing is so fluid and poetic.  And you insert funny lines in just the right places: "... she knew he would miss her gingerbread men - he liked biting off the heads."  I don't know how you do it, but please keep going!  You truly have a gift.

I'm glad Agnes decided to stay.  Spike really needs her now.  I can't wait to see how Agnes will help the Scoobies over the summer.  

P.S.  It looks like I didn't leave a review for the last chappie - sorry.  I probably read it at *whispers* work.  Shame on me for lurking.  
 Thank you so much for such a kind review. I am delighted that you are still enjoying the story.  Yes, Agnes will certainly be needed during the summer months and I hope to tell you all more about that very soon!

Yes, i certainly missed your comments on the last chapter. Thought you hadn't liked it!  Mind you don't get caught at work. Agnes would not approve!