We Will Remember Them by Lilachigh
Chapter: Chapter One

04/02/2010 10:46 am
Juicy beginning!
Nazis and vampires... it's Joss' canon, it's Bowiebaharata's canon; it was about time someone put the Spike/Buffy action right there, and I'm glad it's you. 
 So glad you are enjoying it so far!  Await further comments anxiously.

06/26/2009 04:58 pm
Bloody brilliant! I wasn't sure going into it how you'd manage the set-up, but I have to say, I'm already hooked. Spike's characterization is spot-on and I'm hungry for the next chapter.

01/10/2009 01:47 am
What an intriguing idea! 

10/21/2008 03:43 pm
Oooh, I like this one! Just had to comment on the great beginning, very original, indeed! Now on to the next chappie
 Thank you. Hope you continue to enjoy the story.

08/09/2008 09:23 pm
off on another adventure, thank you. very good opening chapter.
 Glad you enjoyed it. Hope to update again very soon.

08/09/2008 01:37 am
Cool story concept Lilac.  What does I should coco mean?
 I should coco is a term that was much in use during thirties and forties in England.  Roughly it is a sarcastic version of "No way,"  "In your dreams"  "You must be joking".    I have no idea where it originated.  I imagine it was a version of Cockney rhyming slang but even the encyclopaedia doesn't help.  But my parents used it a great deal.

08/08/2008 02:44 pm
Great banner and I love this concept; very clever!  Interesting point in time to start from the present.  Really looking forward to more.
 Thank you very much.  Nice to know you are enjoying the story.

08/07/2008 11:14 pm
A great idea to place Buffy in wartime France, plus a big surprise in store!  I love it.
 Delighted that you are enjoying the story. With a banner like that in front of me,  it's fascinating to discover what happened to them.

08/07/2008 07:29 pm
As soon as I saw your name above a new story I knew I would be in for a treat. A really interesting opening chapter, can't wait to read more. Thank you.
 What a very kind thing to say!  So pleased you are enjoying the story. Posting more very soon.

08/07/2008 07:07 pm
Love it.  Thanks!
 Delighted you are enjoying it.  I so love time travel stories, they make my brain hurt, but in a nice way!

08/07/2008 05:57 pm
Oh, this sounds really interesting.. can't wait to read more.
 Glad you enjoyed it. Posting next chp very soon, like probably tonight!

08/07/2008 03:28 pm
Interesting premise, I look forward to seeing how things play out. Great start!
Love the banner, Spike looks quite dashing.
 Yes, it was Kazzy-cee's wonderful banner that kick started my brain. Glad you are enjoying it so far.

Flames to Dust
08/07/2008 12:39 pm
Time travels always are a dangerous trick. Worried about Drusilla, forces to saved the Slayer. I dont think that he has a lot of patience with a future Buffy.
I know it, it is a history for them, but always Spike is below his potential, which always bring me his words to Buffy after bitting Andrew saying her that she never saw it as really he is; and the same that he said  to Angelus during their fight for the 'Cup'  in which he said him that he did not know who is really Spike, who he has never seem him actually.
Seems to be a great history and I wait for the new update.
 Meeting up in a different time will be interesting - especially for  Buffy because it will be normal time for Spike, of course.

08/07/2008 08:06 am
Putting your banner up is not too difficult. First you need to store it somewhere online (photobucket is good, or the LJ gallery works too...I find photobucket a little more user-friendly).

If you go with Photobucket you just copy the HTML code that it gives you and paste it where you want it...I generally like to centre banners above the fic--to do that you just paste the PB code inside <center> </center> .

If you store the image somewhere other than photobucket just use this code  <center><img src="insert image url here"></center>  Don't remove the inverted commas, and make sureyou use the American spelling and you should be right. Good luck...if you have any problems just yell (you can get me on YM as wantedjbj, I'm invisible, but just ding and I'll probably be there).
 It works!  Runs screaming round the room at lovely banner appearing.  Thank you so much.  I shall store your instructions and go round putting up banners on everything!

08/07/2008 06:00 am
Great beginning.  I'm hooked.  I love time travel fics.  And this is an unusual time to go back to. 
 Thank you.  Have at last managed with the help of Always_jbj to put up the banner. Have a quick look. It is so good.

08/07/2008 03:34 am
Well this sounds different and original , and written by one of my favorites spuffy authors , life is grand.  Looking forward to reading more, update soon.
 Thank you so much.  I will certainly try to get the next chapter posted soon.  I have also managed to put up the banner. Check it out!  It's wonderful.

08/07/2008 02:56 am
I love time-travel fics, and clearly you've got layers going on in what's happening! I love how Spike had to bite back saying "of course" because of his evil pride, was unafraid of dying, was a bit rude and loudmouthed, and so worried for Drusilla... perfect characterization in one scene. Great job and I hope you update soon!
 Oh so do I.  This is the second one I've written - Through Time to Me was the other - and the time is interesting because it is close enough to be almost the same but not quite.  And I've always been fascinated by what Spike did after the submarine!

08/07/2008 02:51 am
Very interesting.  Why wouldn't Buffy and Spike remember if they met before?  Maybe I'm jumping the gun.
 Well, a little bit, perhaps.  The title holds a double meaning...I say no more!