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Spankin' New Limericks by Rebcake
12 Stanzas

And now, the filthy limericks:

Spike regarded the insolent chit
Her chin raised, her brow cocked, that’s it!
He’d wipe off that smile
though it might take awhile
Be days before she could sit

“Now Buffy, you know you’ve been snotty
high-hatting, behaving so haughty.
It’s time that you see
it hurts you more than me
Tonight’s the last time you’ll be naughty.”

He undid his buckle, real slow
She foolishly let her eyes roll
He whipped his belt free
Tipped her over his knee
Her wrists bound behind: Rodeo!

She struggled, she bellowed out, “Spike!”
He chuckled, “I know what you like”
He flipped up her skirt
Promised, “It’s gonna hurt”
Prepared to dole out the first strike

He paused to admire the view
He’d soon change that apricot hue
Like a sailor she swore
as she wriggled some more
All he saw were her pink briefs, askew

He mused, “What to do about them?”
while he idly plucked at the trim
He decided, like a guy
to drop them mid-thigh
Pulled roughly, knuckles skimming her quim

His hand then returned to her cheeks
Gave each a hard pinch, to her shrieks
He’d see blooming rosies
and shocking pink posies
A garden of delights, s’what he seeks

He brought his palm down with a crack
Then followed it up with a smack
Two hand prints, so pretty
He’d like a photo, it’s a pity
No camera, he resumes his attack

The blows rained down, rat-a-tat-tat
She yowled like a Siamese cat
Her lovely bottom was blazing
She looked entirely amazing
He took a deep sniff, what was that?

He spread her bum cheeks for a look
She whimpered, trembled and shook
Her pussy was gushing
Her sweet face was flushing
He’d finish this now, by the book

He held out his hand for a kiss
She pressed her lips there with a hiss
Slid his thumb down her slit
While he strummed on her clit
One last whack, she shuddered in bliss

He licked his soaked fingers: a buffet
Was tempting to hit instant replay
But he smoothed back her hair
While she gasped for more air
“Midnight, Slayer, he rumbled, “Happy birthday”

A/N: Sarah Aless asked, “Please write me a really naughty Spuffy spanking fic, with a real strict and growly and dominant Spike.” She even fluttered her eyelashes at me, cheeky girl. How could I resist? I like imagining Spike with a shiner while this takes place. Does that make me a bad person?

Also, All the existing reviews were lost in the e-fire. So very sad. Please help rebuild the comments that held so much sentimental value. Thank you.