Finding William Pratt by Verity Watson

08/15/2009 11:39 am
Ch. 4: Morning Glory         
that was amazing, i luv the way you write. im looking forward to reading the third installment

01/30/2008 02:01 pm
Ch. 4: Morning Glory         
"As she left the room without a backwards glance,she missed one very important detail.
Spike watched her go."

I was done here. It...I don't know,it saddened me,and I loved it! You're great!

And,yeah,I want a happy Spuffy ending,please;)

12/28/2007 06:55 am
Ch. 4: Morning Glory         
This is an awesome fic! i cant wait till i read the third

12/11/2007 07:34 am
Ch. 4: Morning Glory         
jesus christ that was hot.

09/14/2007 06:49 am
Ch. 4: Morning Glory         
Oh thank GOD! I am so happy to hear that there will be another installment. This one was just as tantalizing as the first. Can't wait!
Hey, thanks! Installment #3 is up - at least the first chapter. Glad you enjoyed.

09/06/2007 01:14 am
Ch. 4: Morning Glory         
Really well written!!!and I loved the characterization of both Buffy and Spike. Please, tell me you'll start posting the third part soon!
Thanks - and I'm working on the third part, promise. Just having Muse issues ...

08/26/2007 05:07 am
Ch. 4: Morning Glory         
Terrific ending. But when's the sequel coming? Please!
I'm working on it, promise! Since I want Spike to stay fangy and unchipped and somewhat unapologetic about his killing ways, well ... let's just say he's giving me a hard time about the happy ending I keep pushing on him. Buffy isn't happy with him either, but I hope to bring them both around in the next few weeks. ;)

07/13/2007 02:07 am
Ch. 4: Morning Glory         
This was a stellar sequel finding a mature, centered Buffy at a strong place in her life. The menace of the string of brutal killings was an excellent background to illuminate this Spike really is evil, even though he's playing nice. The photography session was a beautifully choreographed seduction. This was a richly detailed, emotionally weighty piece, and I'm looking forward to how you're planning to follow it up.

06/13/2007 02:25 pm
Ch. 4: Morning Glory         
I thought it was the perfect ending. That was the only choice this edgier Buffy would make. Hope your start posting the final installment soon, I can't wait. As always, you're GREAT!!

sarah g
06/10/2007 10:58 pm
Ch. 4: Morning Glory         
OMFG I CANT BELIEVE THAT SHE LEFT HIM!!!! i was so happy that they found each other again and then she goes and leaves him. i love this story and am so glad that i read it. i cant believe that they keep leaving each other and that theyre not together, theyre meant to be together. i really hope that in the next story the find each other and actually stay together. please, please,please wriet the next installement as soon as u can, im DYING to read wat happens next between them and i hope that he follows her and they get together and stay happy. thanx soooooo much, youre amazing

06/03/2007 08:13 am
Ch. 4: Morning Glory         
Bloody hell.

This has got to be my favorite fic ever.

I love you!
Thanks, DMW! That's high praise. Glad you enjoyed.

06/01/2007 04:55 am
Ch. 4: Morning Glory         
Fascinating take on an au plot. Spike is so bad and yet sooo good. Fun writing for you and great read for us.

05/25/2007 05:03 pm
Ch. 4: Morning Glory         
It really is fitting that Buffy was the one to leave this time around. They have come full circle right now. But she has her pictures, tattoo and now the new marks to remember this trip. Awesome story. Wonder what changes will we see in Buffy now. Can't wait for the final installment.

05/24/2007 03:38 pm
Ch. 4: Morning Glory         
Very cruel. I really want to see that eventual happy ending.

And yay Buffy for leaving.

05/24/2007 04:59 am
Ch. 4: Morning Glory         
Absolutely love this story. Good to know that there will be a sequel... along one hopefully. I look forward to some more convo btween the two so w get to know Spike better.
Hey, thanks! And I'm toying around with how to frame the sequel right now, but there will absolutely be more of Spike's backstory.

05/24/2007 03:52 am
Ch. 4: Morning Glory         
This stuff is what great fanfiction is made of. I love this version of Spike and Buffy! Can't wait for the grand finale.
Thanks, Dee - that's high praise! *Blushes.* I'm looking forward to writing the finale, too.

05/24/2007 03:33 am
Ch. 4: Morning Glory         
You know, you could totally make this an original story some day and publish it as a small series.
Thanks, Kim! I appreciate the confidence.

Demonica Mills
05/24/2007 03:13 am
Ch. 4: Morning Glory         
I am very much looking forward to the third story!
Thanks, DM! Glad you're enjoying it.

05/24/2007 02:37 am
Ch. 4: Morning Glory         
Good God, I'm speechless. You racket up the tension with every chapter. What did he ink on her? What was he thinking when she left? What you don't show is as fascinating as what you do. Such a good story.
Thanks, Carole! I spent hours deciding on the tattoo ... and then a few more hours deciding that I couldn't reveal that detail just yet. ;)

05/24/2007 12:36 am
Ch. 4: Morning Glory         
I'm glad to hear there's another installment, I'm completely addicted to this series.
Addicted? Wow, thanks. I'm having a great time writing it, so I'm thrilled to know that it is just as much fun to read.

05/24/2007 12:07 am
Ch. 4: Morning Glory         
Whew. I feel like I was holding my breath for the entire chapter. I so adore this story. You give it such life.
Thanks, pretty! Glad you enjoyed. And I keep meaning to say - I *love* your penname - pretty_in_fangs is oh-so-clever.

05/23/2007 11:27 pm
Ch. 4: Morning Glory         
Dang. I do love this series. Looking forward to the next instalment.
Glad you're enjoying!

05/23/2007 10:55 pm
Ch. 4: Morning Glory         
LOL - this was great,and a wonderful place to end it.
Thanks, slaymesoftly! Glad you enjoyed it.

05/23/2007 10:19 pm
Ch. 4: Morning Glory         
Of course, only the insinuation
that he is the cause of the deaths of the blondes that look a lot like her. Could be someone else .. yeah right!!

Enjoying their little encounters.
Thanks, Pam! Glad you're enjoying.

05/23/2007 09:54 pm
Ch. 4: Morning Glory         
I like that she was strong enough to leave and knew that she should, as it wasn't the right time for them. Here's hoping the third time's the charm :-)
Thanks, Ace! I was afraid that would be a *terribly* unpopular move, but if Buffy really has grown up, well ...

09/23/2007 03:33 pm
Ch. 3: Halo Cafe         
“You’re not the same girl I met in Los Angeles, Buffy Summers.”

Great idea to have Buffy photograph Spike. He wants it because he has no reflection.

Thanks - I had Spike photograph Buffy in another fic, so this felt like turnabout!

05/22/2007 02:06 am
Ch. 3: Halo Cafe         
excellent read, thank you. way to build a bit of tension.

05/21/2007 05:37 am
Ch. 3: Halo Cafe         
I loved the first Pratts story and I'm loving this sequel. You manage to give that edge of grit, without dirt.

05/18/2007 06:48 pm
Ch. 3: Halo Cafe         
Great chapter.

05/18/2007 03:08 am
Ch. 3: Halo Cafe         
I think I liked this chapter...It sorta went outside my comfot zone, adn I'm trying to figure out exactly _why_, since you didn't really go anywhere that tends to freak me out. But I really like the story, I'm curious to have you describe the photos she took...(Where's she going to develop them - I don't think the hotel will appreciate developer in the bathroom...)

05/18/2007 03:05 am
Ch. 3: Halo Cafe         
Buffy has grown up,hasn't she? Still loving this fic.

Pam S
05/18/2007 01:55 am
Ch. 3: Halo Cafe         
Left it at the good part....Shame


05/18/2007 01:13 am
Ch. 3: Halo Cafe         
Love the rhythm of this chapter. Like a wonderful film noir. All glimpses and tension. Very erotic the picture taking. Can just imagine Buffy developing these pictures, one by one. Great job!

05/18/2007 12:08 am
Ch. 3: Halo Cafe         
Whoo! That was hot. This Spike is such an enigma!

05/17/2007 11:40 pm
Ch. 3: Halo Cafe         
All your writing is amazing, but I'm really enjoying this one. Please update soon!

09/23/2007 03:21 am
Ch. 2: Angry Moon         
Imagine meeting Spike in a tatoo parlor in Pittsburgh-very detailed, too.
Oh dear, dead co-eds. Spike?
Yeah really ... I'd be pretty stunned if I did find a sexy vampire in a tattoo parlor in a rustbelt town. And sadly, yes, dead co-eds.

05/10/2007 03:05 am
Ch. 2: Angry Moon         
very good read, thank you. love the hometown note.

05/09/2007 03:44 am
Ch. 2: Angry Moon         
I always like your little details, hon, so it works for me.

And Spike's here.....and killing the girls, most likely. Having a good meal each night.
Thanks, Kim. And Spike isn't the kind of guy to go hungry, right? Or apologize for his place in the food chain ...

05/08/2007 11:46 pm
Ch. 2: Angry Moon         
Loving it - especially the Pgh touches (not that I know anything about a tatoo parlor, but...)
Glad you're enjoying it! And so pleased that the Pgh touches are working. Sticking Spike in my old stomping grounds has been great fun.

05/08/2007 09:45 pm
Ch. 2: Angry Moon         
Very nice. I was not expecting a sequel and found this while browsing. Very glad you decided to pick it up again.
Thanks, Dee. I wasn't expecting to write one. ;)

05/08/2007 08:35 pm
Ch. 2: Angry Moon         
nice story, I am guessing it isn't Spike who kills those girls, but he'll somehow save her from the serial killer? Anyway great story, can't wait to read more.
Sour, that's a truly romantic notion, and I considered rewriting the entire story to make Spike a hero. But I should warn you ... this Spike is, at best, amoral. More S2 Spike than S5. Then again, maybe there's a whole other story in that idea. *VW spies the twitchy little pink nose of a plot bunny, leaves to give chase.* Thanks for reading & reviewing!

Pam S
05/08/2007 05:49 pm
Ch. 2: Angry Moon         
Tatoo artist? I need to go read
Meet the Pratts...

Seeing what happens next..

05/08/2007 03:57 pm
Ch. 2: Angry Moon         
Great chapter, looking forward to the meeting between Buffy and Spike.

05/08/2007 03:12 pm
Ch. 2: Angry Moon         
Pretty cool that you're using real places!

I'm enjoying the story. I may have to go back and read the other one. Not because I'm not understanding this one, but because this is so good that I'm interested in the other now.

09/23/2007 03:16 am
Ch. 1: The Bridge         
Glad that Buffy used the money Spike gave her. She's an artist now with her own life [but alone].
Interesting start to this sequel.
Thanks - and yup, Buffy is grown up and has done pretty well with that check from Spike.

05/10/2007 03:00 am
Ch. 1: The Bridge         
excellent opening, thanks for the fine read.

05/08/2007 05:10 am
Ch. 1: The Bridge         
So excited to see this sequel! Just read "Meet the Pratts" last week, so finding this was like you read my mind.

Ooh, danger, character development, great red boots, a mystery in the making and (dare I say it) the promise of a future Spike sighting? Sign me up!
Thanks, Scarlett! So glad you liked it ... and Spike will be appearing momentarily!

05/08/2007 02:15 am
Ch. 1: The Bridge         
Ooooh, nice start. Dead co-eds,huh?
Thanks slayme! And yup, dead co-eds. Dead blonde co-eds. Read into that what you will ...

05/08/2007 12:50 am
Ch. 1: The Bridge         
Wow, talk about changing someones life around. Liked how you'd incorporated both Parker and Scott into this life, parallel to canon. So Spike is killing petite blonds? Really excited about this sequel any news on the one for "Instant Sun"? Thanks, looking forward to more.
Hey, Verda - thanks! And the sequal for Instant Sun is in the works, too ...

05/07/2007 08:24 pm
Ch. 1: The Bridge         
hmm! This has an interesting beginning. Looking forward to more.
Thanks, BT! Glad you enjoyed.

05/07/2007 07:06 pm
Ch. 1: The Bridge         
More. I want more.

Great beginning, looking forward to seeing Spike again.
He'll be here shortly! Thanks for the review.

05/07/2007 05:46 pm
Ch. 1: The Bridge         
Would Spike be keeping an eye on her? :)

He's in that town, now, at any rate. And can't get her out of his head.....
You're not wrong ... but you'll have to wait & see! *Grins*